heheheh. encounter with police.

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  1. so 3 friends and i are sitting in my van last night, just finished all the weed we had in a 2 foot bong. it was like 1 am. maybe 2. my friend B lives right by where we were parked. so i am sitting sideways in the driver's seat, C is sitting in the passenger's, B is in back passenger seat, D is messing with an amplifier at the back of the van with the door open. so a cop pulls up. i say to B "putthebongdown putthebongdown putthebongdown". the cops steps up behind D and puts a gun to his head. tells everyone put their hands on the headliner. "I smell weed" he says. he asks who's smoking, D wasn't and says so, my friends B and C and me admit to it. "where's the weed" he asks, B says "it's all gone" i say "there's a pipe there, and there MIGHT be an empty bag somewhere in here." he says "crack pipe?" basically all of us potheads said at the same time "NOOOOO" lol
    to make a long story short, 2 more cop cars pull up, they take me out the van, search, do the same to everyone. D is handcuffed and sitting at the back of the van, i come take a seat next to him. they find the 2 footer bong. i hear lots of comments like "smells like some good shit." "god damn that's a big bong" "are you high? (he asked C this)" soooo, they end up lettin us go. they put the bong back where they found it. the officer that had the gun at first was even joking around, says "you guys should smoke your weed indoors" that was the end of the night, i take everyone home.

    that was awesome. :D it was a different ending to the night for a change lol. those cops were like straight out of Reno 911! :D

    anyone else got some cool recent encounters with the police that they'd like to share?
  2. Wow man, that's cool that you got lucky. COulda been a lot worse!

    The coolest cop experience I had was when me and a bunch of friends were cyphing some opium in my friends parking lot(to his condos). Of course it was my hit when 2 cop cars pull into the parking lot. I put the shit in my pocket and step up to the cop cars(I'm alwyas afraid my friends will fuck up the situation). He rolls down the window and asks me if we were throwing rocks at cars passign by. We really weren't so I told him that. We looked mad sketchy standing in a circle with no purpose of being out in the cold. He then started to chit chat with me and my friends like we were all buddies. Then the cops said goodbye and both left, a minute later they come back into the parking lot and we're all like "oh man, now what??" They pull up to us and say "You guys smoke?" I was just in awe for a second and didn;t say anything. THen the cop said "Our wives made us quit, but me and my partner could really use a cigarette." What a relief! We gave them a couple of stoges and sent them on their way!
  3. lol, those are some sketchy police.
  4. Man. You guys got off easy. I'm glad I've never had bad experiences with the law.

    I can act pretty straight when I'm moderately high...has to be like two hours or so after smoking a good amount though.
  5. Sounds like they were really cool = ] but damn was it really necessary to put the gun to his head? nonetheless...sounds kick ass = ]
  6. yeah that is pretty damn cool you got away like that....

    just think of how badly that could have turned out...someone had some good karma :)
  7. I was once caught by a lone officer, given a warning, and let go. He even gave me my pipe back. It was surprising, to say the least.
  8. sounds cool i dont think uk cops would be so understanding, i really dont. But if i run into our local bobby i always chat to him a bit, making me a freindly local,

  9. about a month ago after school me and three buddies were making our way to friend A's house to hotbox his bathroom as usual, but since it was getting kind of cold and it is a couple block walk, we decided that the only sensible thing to do was light up a joint and a bowl and pass it along as we walk. So we light up the joint and the bowl and start walking, this was the block besdie our school, by the time we got to the end of the block i had already gotten a hit on the joint and the bowl got passed to me. Just as im putting it to my mouth, the cop car pulls up and stops at the stop sign in front of us, we try to hide that shit but i guess we all kinda looked guilty and nervous when they pulled up so they roll down the window and asked us to come over to them. I guess one of them saw me pull my sleeve down to cover the bowl and when i got to the window, hes like, what do u have there son or somthing like that, and i tried to play it cool and was like i dunno what ur talking about (lol) basicly what he said was, either u can show us it now, or we can get out of the car and seach all 4 of u. Now seeing, as we had maybe a quarter on us between ourselves, I decided i should show him the bowl. Basicly he was pretty chilled about it, he said not to smoke to close to the school, because then parents see us and call the police and they have to come all the way over their for weed. He took the weed from the bowl, and ended giving it back to us. So all in all it ended up pretty good i guess becasue it could have ended way worse... but yeah that took a lot of typing so i hope u all enjoyed my story :)
  10. Man ...U gotta be careful Mr. Criminal. I know I just talked with you. It was cool meeting the other day. My friends thought you guys were cool. We gotta meet up and chill for a little sometime.
  11. damn Mr Criminal thats the coolest thing i've ever heard.
  12. all these cops sound like theyre out the movie super troopers haha
  13. It's bullshit that he had his gun to the guys head for that. It's not like he was a threat to anyone.
  14. when i got popped by the cops they did the same thing and i still had a couple of grams left and they didnt even take em
  15. We have two sets of cops here... the day cops and the night cops... make that three... the school cops too. the day cops are assholes. they find you... your screwed. the night cops are amazing. they smoke with you. the school cops are the best though.... make friends with them... they split their bud they find in school with you.

    so anyways... i was sitting in the park smoking.... and my friends stop by... and we smoke a lot.... blazed out of our minds.... the cops walk by. and we all sit there wistling. they come over to us.... we are all obviously stoned. he doesent even bother asking us questions.... we WALK to the police car.... in which theyve changed the seats to hard plastic... and it really sux... but i had pants on with schfifty five pockets. they didint bother to search them all... and yeah... they didint find a bong... pipe.... 3 ozs and some other stuff.

    the Night cops found us drinking and smoking up at the elementary school.... that was a funny experience... they joined us.... and then promised to get us some more to replace what they smoked.... IM STILL WAITING.

    The school cop is amazing. if hes even at school that is. most of the time hes at subway.... were cool. one day he searches every locker in the school.... finds a shit load of drugs and paraphanelia. he knows that i smoke.... so he gives me about a pound.... a couple new glass pipes and a couple throwing stars. he had to turn the rest in to the school so that they would let him conduct searches some more.

    so umm... yeah. way to live in a messed up town.
  16. i wish i had a school cop like urs. The one at my school placed me under arrest read me my rights and got me expelled. For some herb and some cash found in a search.

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