heheh im sneaky

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by galvingirl, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. on tuesday my parents found my little sash and took it away from me and grounded me, and they also took my lighter, so just like 15 minutes ago or maybe more i dunno, i went into their room while they were in just one room over, and watching a movie i snuck in and took it back and smoke it up lolol and hten i replaced cat nip with the weed and put the lighter and cat nip back! haha my parents will never know LoLLOl
  2. Until they try and smoke it.
  3. hahah good work.

    aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd if they get mad at you about it, then youll know they blaze too.
  4. Well you must be under 18 for them to take your lighter off you..maybe the weed is understandable..especially if your parents are real strict but a lighter, come on.
  5. hhehe.. once my sis found a piece of a broken lighter on the floor and asked me what it was and i said it looked like a piece of a lighter.. then another time she caught me off guard and a lighter fell out of my pocket so i picked it up.. no harm done
  6. HA!! Classic---Cat Nip?

    By the way---what would happen if you smoked Catnip?

  7. gives your a headach
  8. yep, headache. but you could make tea.
  9. hey ive smoked alot of odd shit just to see what it does.....and catnip looks soo much like weed i had toooooooooo
  10. thats tight good work. cat nip looks so much like it! theres even crystals on the buds sometimes
  11. you can buy cigarettes at some convenience stores with catnip in them

    ecstacy is the name of the brand. the cigarettes don't have any tobacco, just herbs.
  12. Pretty stealthy. The best i've done was break into my grandma's house at 1 am to take back a CD i accidentally left in the stereo, in the basement. Nobody ever found out, i went in thru the garage.
  13. wow now that is a nice one props to u for following through with it hahahha i maby one of em'll check it and have a talk with you about smoking cat nip hhaha
  14. heh, the sneakiest shit i ever did to smoke was pack a one hitter and go to someone else's apartment when they weren't home (gave me the key, was on a trip) watched grass and lit up not 2-3 metres from a smoke detector. didn't see it there until after the movie was over.

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