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Hehe... Schwag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by APX, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Schwag, Mexican dirt weed, reg, dirty weed, crap.

    Whatever you want to call it, it should be around 5-9% THC, whilst a kind bud would be at 17% or so- and that's stretching it.

    2oz of Schwag were I live= $100
    2oz of purple haze where I live- $900 (purps are roughly a shitload in florida)

    Now now, I know- smoking purple haze is like easter bunny jizz, whilst schwag is like smoking a cat.

    BUTTTT it's off season for the sport I make my living off of where I live (I upgrade toy guns, to totally skim the surface of that) and I'm looking to stretch the edible bill.

    So, TBH- I'm not estactic about this. Buying from a sketchy ass dealer who will probably mug me (my kind bud dealer only gets reg by the oz, to give to his customers- 1g of free reg per 2g of nice bud) And you know, buying reg.

    So my question- can reg be 0% THC? Have you had bad experiences with it(<5% THC, spiked, cut, fake)? Or is it just crap.

    I'm looking at dealers who sell reg. I'm obviously sketched about this- I need some people to give me advice. Thanks :D this will be the first time ordering over $30 from anybody besides this dealer in 4 years :p
  2. idk i hate buying shit that fuels the cartel.
    when i use to buy regs (they were more like mids imo) they were decent. dense looking light green nugs with orange hairs and they broke out really fat.
    ive seen other peoples regs though and in some cases they were really shitty, almost tobacco looking dark brown nugs lol. that was only once though and i know for a fact that shit came from across the border.
  3. i just don't like having mids.. i don't know, it makes me feel "dirty" when i smoke it or something. plus the high is a lot less enjoyable.
  4. Wow that was rather confusing.

    I buy regs all the time. It gets me high but it's obviously not the same as high quality bud. If that's what you're wondering.
  5. This schwag will not be Mexican. I know, confusing right :p

    It will be bricked, sun-dried, and a year old most likely -.-
  6. "smoking purple haze is like easter bunny jizz, whilst schwag is like smoking a cat"


  7. Be careful smoking that crap. One of things that I'd be worried about with brick weed is smoking mold. I guess with edibles the risk would go away but idk... to each his own.
  8. #8 APX, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
    [quote name='"8thOfChronic"']"smoking purple haze is like easter bunny jizz, whilst schwag is like smoking a cat"



    Yes, I deserved that...

    The guy in the demotivational misspelled "win", though.

    Still, if it turns out there's a decent risk the THC content is quite low, I might avoid it.

  9. Clever, bro.
  10. ew... mexican butt nugs???... never support shwag!!!

    fucking cartels!
  11. [quote name='"Dankdogg"']ew... mexican butt nugs???... never support shwag!!!

    fucking cartels![/quote]

    It is not cartel grown. Can someone please tell me something useful? :/
  12. well with my experience with reggie is, its still weed right? anyways, first of all yes it does look crappy its all compressed and shit, breaking it up is a pain in the ass, you get a bunch of seeds and stems you will defenitly need a grinder if you planning on buyin an oz. alot of people by sayin its cheap it wont get you high, i have to say its not true. in my experiece i think it gives you kind of a diff. high then what you get with good weed. in all if budgets tight and you wanna get your smoke on, fuck it why not got some reggie, it will get you high. hope its wat your looking for
  13. There's very very good shwag. There's also very very bunk shwag. I used to get it for 150 an oscar and it would range from dark wet shitty high and taste shit to kiefed shit to sticky or not so sticky but light green with nice hairs with trichs that weren't as nice but the bud tasted dank and got you so fuckin high. Nothin beats bud with true devotion put into it though.
  14. Unfortunately I smoke bottom of the barrel brick every day and it still gets me high.
  15. I get good outdoor buds for 50 a half oscar some people might call it shwag compared to a smelly indoor lime green crystally indica but I love it. The dude that grows it tends to grow a lot of sativa dominants and sativa will always be true to my heart
  16. Yes. Schwag is poop and not worth smoking.
  17. 2 oz for 900 in florida??? haha ok u have no idea what ur talking about
  18. I live in ny and ik prices are higher then florida but I get an oz of dank for $350. theres no way you only get 2 ozs for $900 unless you have no idea what ur doing and the dealers a scam artist. Plus "purple haze" That's what shitty ass dealers name their bud to rip people like you off because its a big name that everyone knows, just buy the scwag your better off since I doubt its legit purple haze anyways and even if it was legit there's just no way it costs $900 for 2 ozs. Fuck that shit
  19. i think three ozs for 900 is a lil steep thats over ten a g with no price drop yikes!
  20. If you live in florida and you pay $900 for two ounces of weed,
    you should move.

    I get an ounce for 260. I live in south florida

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