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  1. What's up GC,
    First off let me say, it has been quite a while. I did take my 2 week T-break and it went great. After that I picked up an 8th, had it burned in like 5 days, then picked up a half ounce. That's what I'm 'currently smoking on. Friday night I went and picked a new pipe :D I'll throw pics in rec smoking forum tomorrow.

    Sorry if this isn't making much sense, long story short, I'm so high. :hello:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy1twy2p_8w"]YouTube - 311 - Amber[/ame]

    Oh yeah, my story. Anyway so I have this bowl packed in my new pipe, and I'm sitting on the floor of my closet. Now, this is one of those closets above a staircase, with a slanted wall. So I set down a packed bowl on the floor next to me, and I'm fumbling around putting everything away. Well, accidentally I knocked the pipe over onto the slanted surface of the wall. So I'm first thinking I can just pick the bud up and it will be all good. But when I try to do so, it starts to fall down in the crack between the carpet and the wall. So I pick up the pipe to see if there's any left, and it's 100% empty LOL and so I was just like "shitttt", because I knew I wouldn't be able to save any bud. I had to get out all my shit again and pack anoher :D

    Well, then when I've finished smoking my bowl, I go to volcano it to cash it out, and I end up blowing a bunch of ash in my eye. My eye itches a lot right now, and it's really red :(, and not because I'm baked lol.

    I love karma :D


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