heh parents and computers.. ;p funny shit

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  1. heh .. well there was this one time when i was a kid and we just got this brand new computer .. and there was this AMAZING pinball game on it .. but one time the game froze and none of us knew what to do.. lol so my dad shook the screen thinking the ball would move again ROFL! (like shook it like a r/l machine) was funniest shit ive ever seen!
  2. lmao i can jus picture my dad doin the same shit shakin a computer to get it to unfreeze
  3. hahaha i would laugh so hard if i saw someone shake a computer to un-freeze it ROFl.:smoke: :hello:
  4. haha I love fuckin with people that don't know the slightest thing about computers. always fun to get someone to alt F4 when their playing a game... heres one for all you folks at grass city
    hold control and give that wheel a scroll.

  5. Ooooh, good one!
  6. I once switched the "h" and "f" keys around. It was funny, watching my dad try to write an email. He just sat there, trying to type "hi", but getting confused that it said "fi". Lol.
    It's straight though, cuz my dad's really cool. He always plays pranks like that on me and my sister.
  7. ahhaa pink ima do that to their computer next time he goes on.. cause he hunts and pecks ;p so hell be huntin for the j and hit f or osmethging rofl
  8. shoot the comp w/a shotgun and the pinball will move
  9. I was just about to do that to my keyboard then I had a moment of clarity. Im the only one that uses my computer.:bongin:
  10. Lol, Thats be funny to watch :p
  11. rofl...thats hilarious i culd see my dad pullin the same stunt lol
  12. I was playing Warcraft 3 one time against someone and I told them that they could see my base if they pressed Alt-f4...they did it and I won the game by default, man I was laughing so hard.

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