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HEELPPP! My room smells of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GspAffliction, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I got some in my room but i didnt smoke it. But it smells like hell for some reason. Anyone can you please tell me how to get rid of it? I opened the window and closed to door with fan on any more suggestions?
  2. put it in a jar. or put it in 4-5 bags lol, that what i used to do wen a jar wasnt available
  3. a big tupperware box does the trick for me.
  4. Yeah but im asking how to get rid of the smell now. Im kinda in danger here, since ppl are coming home soon and i dont want them to smell it. What can i do to get rid of it?

  5. Either buy a pet skunk with glands or buy an air freshener.

    Always can light hella candles in there too :D
  6. Put the herb into a bag/jar/Tupperware container like everyone is suggesting and then use air freshener to cover up the smell. Same thing you would do for any object that's smelling in your room :p.
  7. Candles, air freshener, something that smells strong that isn't weed. This really isn't hard to figure out haha
  8. The smelll will just go away.. Put it in a jar or a buncha bags and u wont smell it anymore lol.
  9. Yeah lets hope so, I put the herb into a bag then knotted it, then put it in a closed plastic container then sprayed air freshner around it would this help?

  10. Lots. :wave:
  11. If you didn't smoke any I highly doubt your whole room is reeking to death. Maybe if you leave your door open I guess someone could get a whiff. But I've always been one for privacy and have never left my door open so I don't know if it's the norm or not.
  12. Ill be over soon to help you out man
  13. Just get rid of your weed (give it to me).
    It'll start to smell over here though...
  14. put it in a mason jar
  15. to get the smell out of the AIR you need to add a fuck ton of circulation to the room. works best with 2 windows but 1 works as well. get a fan and put it up to the window blowing out. open the second window. turn on a ceiling fan if you have one. this will cause negative pressure in your room because of all the air that blows out, and it has to be replaced somehow. that somehow is the second window, which will have a massive stream of fresh air pouring through it at this point. 5 - 10 minutes should have a room completely refreshed. ceiling fan helps circulate the fresh air.

    put the weed in multiple bags or in an airtight jar. the above method is useless if there is still dank weed smell being produced. good luck!

  16. A mason jar with some baking soda in bottom helps you can also chop a potato up to absorb some of the odor. Two bags first one with a paper towel soaked in febreeze then drop sack with smoke into and seal it. just a few ideas with what may be laying around your house.
    I will say more often than not as a toker we smell pot more often than others they may smell something but many have trouble associating it with mj if the scent is at least masked a little.

    Anyway good luck man and again if your living somewhere your concerned about odor take some time to figure out a solid sight/scent free stash spot there not hard to find just be creative.
  17. burn some toast and let it burn in your room lol, or popcorn
  18. Go buy some of this, just make sure it aint the new car smell or you will have to explain why your room smells like a new Ford.
  19. #19 9D3, Aug 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2012
    Ohhh man, that reminds me of a good story... But I'll make it short:

    Friend and I *tried* to make a weed milkshake. House reeked of pot. Nobody was supposed to be home for hours. Friend just feels like something's gonna happen, so we burn popcorn in the microwave. No more than 2 minutes later, friend's dad comes home just as we're putting them in the fridge. He said "it smells like burnt popcorn in here!", and we just said that we forgot about it in the microwave (even though we put it in for 4 mins, haha). Then he opens the fridge, sees the milkshakes, asks if he can have some, then says he's just joking, makes a sandwich, and goes back out. We then proceed to eat the awful-tasting milkshakes that didn't really do anything...

    Such a lucky day! More lucky shit happened, but that'll make the story longer.

    So, OP, burn some popcorn if you're scared!
  20. put a dryer sheet in your fan, the whole room will smell like nothing but fresh laundry, works like a charm.

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