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  1. every week i get 40 bucks on monday for "gas only" and if im lucky i get 20 bucks on the weekend. my car gets 25 mpg and i'd like to have enough gas and weed to get me through the week, and suggestions how to distribute that cash?
  2. Yeah get a job
  3. i'm working on that -_-
  4. Perhaps not spend money on weed at all and actually use it for things you actually need.
  5. Well good then you shouldn't be worried about it for too much longer then
  6. i've thought about that actually.. but then i wouldn't be able to smoke
  7. but when i do get my job, should i save it for future or spend some/save some? or what?
  8. [quote name='"carbacious"']

    i've thought about that actually.. but then i wouldn't be able to smoke[/quote]

    That's the point.
  9. Idk I don't ever have any money but all my bills are paid, I have food, gas and whatever else I need and the rest I spend on weed. As long as your basics are covered do what you want with your money. I've never been able to save.
  10. That's a tough one
  11. well i'd be down to stop and find other things to do but im afriad i wouldnt find anything :(
  12. Don't do other drugs if that's what you mean. If its not weed don't use it
  13. okay that's what ive been trying to do but this week i totally failed, ran out of gas way earlier then expected
  14. i only smoke weed, no cigarettes, hookah sometimes, but thats all. but i feel like my life wouldn't be the same without weed
  15. Start conserving your weed.
  16. i would love to, it's kind of hard though. i usually smoke with people who match bowls with me so that saves me some
  17. [quote name='"carbacious"']howw?[/quote]

    If you need ask how to conserve weed you probably shouldn't be smoking...
  18. i definitely conserve my weed.. 20 sack a week
  19. [quote name='"carbacious"']i definitely conserve my weed.. 20 sack a week[/quote]

    Lol, well, that is pretty conservative, but I still stand by what I said earlier; don't spend money on weed. At least until you have a job. There are far more important things in life than weed!

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