HEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! something horrible has happened

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  1. I need help. I recently purchased a weed star inline bong. its been great. unfortunately, it got bumped. because I have a pre-cooler, when it fell, it snapped the downstem off. the problem is the rest of it is stuck inside. because its an inline I can't just reach down the tube and pop it out either. Does anybody have any suggestions to get this thing out? If I can get the stem out its just a matter of replacing it and we're back in business. i've only had this for a few weeks so i don't want to give up on the thing until i've exhausted all opportunities.
  2. take a picture of it.
  3. picture would help very much.
  4. I thought inlines usually have a fixed stem.
  5. SHOULDA GOT THE WARRANTY MUAHAHHAHAHA. jk but yeah, this should be a simple stem replacement once u get thebroken stem out
  6. LOL! Haha the same thing happened to me on my old inline. I shattered the damn thing trying to get it out. Use paperclips and try to bend them so they will get it out, clothehangers and a perfect sized rubber stopper/cork to get the chunk of glass stuck in there if your willing to chance breaking it.

    If not, clean the shit out of it, and bring it to a headshop.
  7. Here's a picture of the problem...


    The tube is pretty well jammed in there. I tried getting using some tape ange sticking it inside to make a pull tab. that didn't work. the problem is there is a small hole at the bottom so I can't get some sort of hook through it. I'm not above breaking the bottom off the stem and making a larger hole. As it stands the actual bong is fine so I just need to get the remainder of the down stem out
  8. How bout using some temp difference, ie shrinkage, expansion. I do this when my shit get hydrolocked.
  9. dannnnnnnng man that sucks so much :eek: your going to have to do some Macgyver shit to get that out :laughing:

  10. how would you go about doing that? using a lighter to heat the bong maybe and hoping that loosens the grip on the stem? that may work. I've also tried to get the end of a bag through the hole so I could inflate it and use that to pull from the other end, the bags kept breaking though with the wire i was using to push it through.
  11. Great news everybody I got it out. I noticed when using a lighter to heat up the glass, as per the idea of an earlier post, I noticed some of the milky color in the tube was going away so I figured there was water in it holding onto the glass. I stuck a coat hanger with duck tape on the end and then rolled another piece of duck tape. I stuck the hanger in and then plugged the top part of the tube with the tape roll and then continued to heat the glass. I pulled and the tape on the wire hit the plug I made which provided enough grip to pull out the tube. here's a pic

  12. Looks like that inline is so god damn bent that sucks. Glad mine isnt so curved like that
  13. Now THAT'S some Macgyver shit Right THERE :hello:

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