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  1. weed , weed, by just a seed ,indeed , greed ,bleed to the reed to leed ,only the song !
  2. Feed, feed, plenty of mead to the steed. Breed and greed!!!
  3. I am freed by the weed, yes indeed, I will plead, for all to take heed and read the benefits of weed, all will see and plant the seed as a good deed for those in need.
    xo!!!! (oops that didn\'t rhyme)
  4. i am going to be a grand dad in the morning it dont rhyme ! but its cool to ! lol it going to be a girl ,i am going to stay up tell they go in the morning 6:00 so i got time to enjoy your work gal ,whats up!
  5. If I got the weed and the need falls on you read the jestures to follow my lead because,me and the Members got no need to be on greed,share the weed, love the green,Free the weak!
  6. the ending was a little weak, dude !lol
  7. the best you can do is read, plant the seed and try, to overcome the greed.
  8. highawatha i was stoned i dont know what these guys have been smoken !lol how it going gal ! good luck tazz11
  9. ha ha awesome a freestyle thread..im definatly gunna be on this in a lil while..not stoned yet.
  10. weed, weed, weeeeeeeeed, heed compulsive opsessive weed deed, and for gods sake spread the seed!
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