hee hee hee

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. my mother thinks im a pot head :p

    she called me on it today. funny stuff. i told her a bunch of facts, dont know if she cares about what i had to say, but she doesnt think its a big deal anyways.

    haha, i just thought this was funny. oh mommy :D

    took her long enough, i gave her a doob for christmas when i was 16 hahaha.
  2. your point is ???

  3. haha nice gift my mom was suppose to give a quarter of nugs to my grandma for christhmas but i dont think she ever did...... oh well theres a hundie down the pooper :D
  4. my whole family/tribes is pot heads!! hahahhah heehehehe

  5. guess i dont have one :p just thought it was funny, shes never really ever mentioned it to me before. maybe she always has known, and just now said something? hahah im not sure, but it made me laugh after.

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