hedge shops.. in fortwalton beach area,fl

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  1. yeah was just lookin around for some decent hedge shops in fwb

    and im also going to orlando in two weeks. are there any decent ones there?

    thanks in advance!
  2. Lol hedge shops.

    Check the nearest garden center.
  3. Its called a "head" shop not hedge shop.

    i dont know that area, but google should be able to help you

  4. ^^^


  5. its called a head shop,lol. i cant help u tho.
  6. Was raised in FWB, actually. Check out this place called Harry Heady's, nice shop. Went in there and haggled the price way low on this phat bong, copped it, then matched on a dank bowl with the owner, haha.

    Aside from that, there's not much there that I know of. There's plenty of shops like Purple Haze and The Party Shack in Panama City Beach, but thats about a 45 minute drive from FWB deep into the jungle. Bit of a trip, but honestly, that'd be your best bet for Shops pertaining to this specific area.
  7. Thanks for the chuckles.........lol
  8. i got a bowl from "beat niks" in panama city. but it was way over priced. i have been to harry headys. but they were also way over priced. never knew i could go in a HEAD shop and negotiate prices with them. lol. thanks for the info + rep

    MY B, BOUT CALLIN IT A HEDGE SHOP, honestly it took me about 10 secs to make sure thats how to spell it by pronunciation ive heard from a few people around here. now that that is clarified.

    -rep for me ? :p
  9. Fuck no. Hedge shop was funny.

    What wasn't funny was trying to read what you just wrote being that you didn't cap the first word in each sentence. THAT was kinda of a pain. ;)
  10. fail on hedge shop... you really must be new to smoking.

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