Heavyweight Fast and vast + GSC auto

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  1. Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds
    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds

    1kw HPS open hood, 20/4
    10 gal aurora pots
    Pro-mix BX + compost, perlite, and the usual (organic) suspects.

    Monday will be 28 days from sprout. Today I top-dressed with a half cup of tomato-tone/kelp mix per pot and gave them a compost tea + guano, then covered the soil with a layer of perlite. Noticed the 1kw wide open was heating up the soil pretty good even though the rest of my temps are perfect, so I figure the perlite will reflect more heat energy and help keep the soil cooler. The white splotches on a few of the leaves are dried perlite dust from today's activities.

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  2. Loving it subbed for sure

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  3. Thanks bro. The perlite lowered soil temps by 10f, something I will consider for all future grows.
    28 days from sprout:

    3Vx9ITk (1).jpg

    I just got a 1kw hortilux for half price from Amazon last week, these are legit brand-new, not repackaged used like some places.
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  4. Looking good bro!! Check out the updates on mine! I think they should be good in the next 2 weeks to switch to flower fingers crossed growth rates right now are pretty sufficient

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  5. Subbed for the show...I have some of those gsc autos laying around, so I'm interested in seeing some results. I am probably going to get mine going outside this outdoor season, but still be nice to see how the flowers turn out.
  6. Been over a week how are they looking??

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  7. What's up fellas, thanks for checking it out.

    GSC auto is leaning towards a sativa pheno, should be some good smoke. Monday was 5 weeks so they're about 5½ weeks in, expecting another 5 weeks to harvest, maybe earlier for the fast and vast.

    Here are the fast and vast autos:

    I took down my carbon filter to wash the prefilter about a month ago, waited until today for some reason to hook it back up but man were they stinking.

    Fed them once, tied back a few branches with fishing line, other than that there's really no work involved.

    Dropped a few beans today, OG kush and Afghan something, both freebies. Plan is to fill out the tent with clones after harvest, only using half of my setup here.
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  8. That's crazy!! The flower growth over the past 10 days has been crazy!

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  9. So if I add a layer I couldnlowet the temps with perlite I think I need that since I run up to 85 degrees does it do anything for you humidity

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  10. Nah, it didn't affect humidity or watering frequency, it just lowered the temp of the soil. Air temps were 72-75 but the soil was at 90 because the darker color was absorbing a lot of energy from the 1kw.
  11. 6½ weeks in. 2-3 weeks left.


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  12. 8 weeks from sprout, should be chopping sometime next week. Broke a branch off one of the smaller ones tying it back. Back row, right side (can't really see it)

    First up, GSC
    OG Kush (dinafem)
    ^Soil isn't even warm with the 1kw so far away
    Next are the 2 Afghani regulars, hoping for 2 females :bongin:
    That's a mini-watermelon plant growing like crazy, the other 2 are mini-pumpkins. They're going in my outdoor garden real soon.

    So I was looking for a place to dry that branch that snapped, found a hidden drying rack in my pc. What other purpose could this thing have but to quick-dry small buds?

    I've decided to install a 40 amp sub-panel off my main just for growing. I'm no electrician but it's a pretty simple process, all I need is the $140 for materials. Will document it when I get to that point. Gonna jack up my electric bill this summer because now I'll be able to run all my lights PLUS 2 or 3 air conditioners (we had to use fans last year), not to mention the dishwasher and microwave which suck up a lot of energy. Better get my ass in gear and fill out this tent :smoke:
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  13. Heya GG! Thanks for the kind words. I think she's about 3' tall and looking lovely, I've been good though and haven't taken any buds for sampling yet. Feel that it's going to be some good smoke, it's got a good amount of sativa in it. Will definitely give a smoke report on her :smoke:
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  14. Can't wait growing out three massive midgets . can't wait to share your thought I am harvesting in ten days

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  15. Cool, looking forward to it!! I'm subbed to your journal, looking real frosty. I definitely have to get some of that crab meal you're using.
  16. I love it especially with the led I heard the cal and mag defiencies

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  17. Looking great bro!!! So jealous you're about to harvest! I'm gonna flip in the next couple days!

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  18. Yea but I sacrificed a lot of weight for a quick harvest, might have 10 ounces here if I'm lucky. Just something to hold me over till the photos are ready. :bongin:

    Looking forward to seeing your beasts in full bloom, bet you triple my weight.
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  19. If I triple your weight I'll shit a brick! That would be almost 2 lbs!! Which would be amazing! I'm out of dyna gro as of today so they are going to get straight ph'd water till the TB shows up! What ppm should I start with when I start the tiger bloom feeding a??

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