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  1. Most of the young people who have smoked marijuana use it much less often than daily. (About one percent of 8th graders and six percent of 12th graders report daily use.) The less common individual who regularly smokes several times a day and remains in a state of mild intoxication should not be thought of as having been ruined by marijuana; he has lost his sense of purpose and seeks comfort in marijuana, just as other individuals have chronically abused alcohol and more dangerous drugs.
  2. so what are you sayin ?
  3. alot of smokers use it as a coping mechanism.

    from what ive seen most people around that age just want to have fun and get high.
  4. For me, it is summer, and I like smoking before every activity. And I do a lot of activites :smoke::D:D
  5. So its wrong to wake-n-bake, smoke one before class/job. one after class/job, one before dinner and another before bed.

    Doesn't seem excessive to me and I don't even smoke atm. The above scenario is only 5 times a day. While I've known many tobacco users who'll have a cigarette 20 times a day or more.
  6. This seems kinda pointless. Being a heavy long term user has no negative side effects, therefore the comfort received from mj versus that of alcohol or other drug usage is not really comparable. Just saying... I never hear anyone say "oh pot ruined my life"...never heard of being baked ruining marriages and causing terrible health problems down the road.

    Can't say the same for alchy. I know far too many people who have ruined their lives.

    Cannabis just isn't one of those things....
  7. Ha no one has said "oh pot ruined my life", but anti-legalization advocats will say that it did. They will point out the human flaws (i.e. laziness, less ambition, etc. etc.) and attribute that to marijuana use.

    So if you want a better image of pot, get off your ass and make it happen.

  8. Excuse me?

    I am not lazy nor do I lack ambitions, I think being a dedicated full time college student and active member of the SSDP (incase you are behind on the times, that is drug reform activism for students) does more than enough to better the image of pot.

    I also make ceramic art, run 2 websites that feature pieces of my literature works, and I'm a paid internet dj for a huge music networking site. Aside from being a part of this community here at GC, I have a lot going on for a "flawed" individual, and I advocate the legalization of marijuana everyday because it is a beautiful flower that deserves to be free.

    So. You just look like an ass. Don't assume I'm some lazy fuck with internet access.

  9. Wow, you totally owned the guy! haha:D
  10. No no no no no. I did not mean it that way at all :)

    I am a member of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy as well and am a full time college student. I was recently incarcerated on marijuana related charges and while in lock down came across a multitude of different smokers.

    My post was not towards you at all, I was just pointing out that the public's opinion of the average smoker, is of a non-ambitious person who does not contribute to society. This comment in no way reflects you or anyone else on GC.
  11. I sometimes smoke when I awake,but I hate shake and bake,
    I sometimes smoke when I eat,when cookies are really treats,
    I sometimes smoke when i sit,not a lot,just a hit
    As long as I never smoke unless I am alone or with someone,
    I'll never get overdone.
  12. Well since pot makes you more of what you are for example if your lazy normally your gonna be even more lazier and vice versa.
  13. Well said sir!

    Pot just brings you out. Amplifies who you are and what you already do.
  14. I smoke everyday and am a very productive tax paying American.
  15. I definitely think this is true.

    It is just the way people are regardless, usually. With or without pot.

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