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Heavy users who have taken a T-break...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boojeah, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Been smoking multiple times daily for about a year (smoking for 2 and a half total) and im thinking on taking a 30 day break to clear my head and get my body and mind back to baseline. My question to all you heavy tokers who have taken T-breaks is;

    Did you guys notice a difference in yourself? In your behavior or mood? How long did it take for these things to become noticeable and would you say the break benefited you?
  2. Fuck not smoking... its hell without the dro:smoke:
  3. I have done long breaks. They are great because when you smoke after the break you get super high.

    the things I noticed were: I was more social when not smoking, I was more motivated to do the daily stupid shit that sometimes we must do (or at least we think we must do). During the day I was fine but at night I would crave for a joint... not physically but something about the night makes me really want to smoke... even when I am not on a smoking break.

    Smoking is beneficial to me because it allows you to see past the bull shit in life. You question everything (which to me is what being alive is all about... to question things and to think for yourself). However when I go on my smoking breaks I subconciously fall back into "what I am supposed to do, what society expects me to do". Very unhealthy. So don't fall back into that dangerous web.
  4. I try to take breaks. Ha.
    I take breaks every now and again. Using a vapouriser also eases things to since the method is cleaner....

    but I would say you can notice even the next day after about 12+ hours from your last smoke. Because, of course, that's when you normally smoke again. But then again, you said that you've been smoking 2x daily straight for 2 years. So, I would say then about 3 days.

    You'll feel like you just stepped out of a giant cloud. I experienced this when i took a 30 day break for the first time in aroudn the same time last year. Now it's great, b/c I can smoke, break, smoke, break without having TOO much of an issue getting there.

    I'm about to start a long break myself (with vappy sessions in between)
  5. Ya one thing i notice is im less social when im smoking a lot. is this necessarily a bad thing?
  6. When I'm on break I have some of the craziest dreams..but they are awesome!:hello:
  7. I started dreaming again. I used to smoke at least a bowl a day (but it was usually 4-5 a day) last semester but I had to quit this semester when I moved home. It's been different but not impossible. Yeah, I wish I could light up right now but it isn't practical.
  8. I've been smoking for about 30 years. I never take t breaks per se, but when I've taken breaks in the past the only difference I really notice is I have a bit more stamina because I'm not inhaling smoke all the time.

  9. tell me about it.

    not to be weird but after a couple weeks of not smoking, i had a wet dream.

    and ive never had one in my life, and im 19. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    but yea. and all the dreams are very long and vivid.
  10. Long term cannabis use changes your REM (dream) sleep patterns, supressing them slightly. The vivid dreaming when one stops smoking is a 'rebound' effect.
  11. Have you ever tried a vape? I vape maybe 60-70% of the time and I can tell a difference since I bought it.

    I'm no athlete but I like to work out and like I said I notice.
  12. Yes I've vaped. I like the smoke too much to totally give it up. Full flavor :)

    I've always been athletic, and even now in my early 40's I'm in better shape than most 20somethings.
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    It feels good coming off a t break (been on one for a month with 1 smoke session in between) because you actually notice how incredibly fucked up you are, which is something you kinda take for granted smoking everyday. After the first few days it's really not hard at all and when you smoke again it's really worth it. I got sent over the moon on regs (regs!) when usually it only dulled me out.

    ETA: I loved the dreams I had the first few weeks off of bud! I reunited with peeps I havn't seen since middle school!

  14. try completely terrifying:rolleyes:
  15. yeah due, i noticed this.

    fucking weird.
  16. Boredom on the first day, from then on you dont really fiend for it really. I had some crazy ass dreams.
  17. ye man vape is reall nice one hit and u'll sit??
  18. i took a 3 day breakd it feels depressing and stressful, it also feels like 2 weeks
  19. I'm currently taking a tolerance break, started 3 days ago and I plan on going 2-4 weeks... whatever feels right lol. In the past, i've noticed my head clears up a bit. Like someone else said, it feels like you're stepping out of a giant cloud. I start to remember things such as what pocket I put my keys in, stuff like that. The most beneficial thing is getting BAKED your first time smoking again. I always have an extreme coughing attack though after the first 2-3 hits, that always sucks.
  20. I would personally like one.

    But when my bag gets low its my nature to auto call my dealer.
    This in turn makes it hard to break.

    Maybe one day

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