Heavy smoking = LONG term memory loss?

Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Apparantly there was something on the TV yesterday about how heavy smoking of weed can cause long term memory loss and not just short term like they had previously thought... My mom was all rubbing it in my face and all, but I haven't heard anything on the subject... Anyone know anything about this???

    I could see how years of having faulty short term memory due to heavy smoking could cause problems with long term memory... It'd be kinda like that movie 50 First Dates - where everything before you started smoking heavily was fine, but afterwards is when it gets shaky...

    So I'm tryin to figure out if that's what the cause of the long term memory loss is from - or if smoking weed actually causes you to lose long term memory from before you started smoking...

    If anyone has anything that can help me in my search, it would be much appreciated.
  2. I personally haven't seen any degredation in either short term or long term memory in me. I think it's all a bunch of bullshit.
  3. Hahahhaha

    ...wait - what?
  4. I've done dope regularly for 23 years, last 12 or so every day pretty heavily. I'm losing the ability to spell as well as I once did and words now don't come as easily when I'm writing as they did, but I put that down to just getting older. It's not so bad as to make things hard for me, it's just annoying sometimes.

  5. I dont beieve that BS if you forgot something it wasnt worth remembering
  6. Yea Ive been blazing 4 years and Ive never had a problem with long term memory loss, actually my long term memory is a lot better than many peoples. Ill be like remember that time to my friend or girlfriend and theyll be like no, but I remember it perfectly. Short term memory though is another thing, a lot of times while smoking at night in the car I forget where I am (theres like 10 places around my town I go outside) and have no memory of driving there.
  7. +1 for me, -the 23 years part....
  8. The only studies I could find on the issue is one which states that Marijuana does not impare Long Term Memory recall at time of intoxication.

    This thread reminds me of a funny store from my childhood, It all started one day on a cold december's morning when...uh...nevermind.
  9. Just not true...

    The real question is...

    ever talk to anybody old 75+ who hasn't forgotten a good deal?

    Everyone has the memory loss... it is just a matter of time

    "live life like you will forget everything... but don't be selfish"
  10. naw its the weed man.. it fucked my memory badd.
  11. ACtually i think i saw a study somewhere saying it wrecks short term, and has been linked to increasing long term. but remember i think i saw this. :)
  12. Well, it was on the news that my mammadukes saw this, so I'm sure there's info about it somewhere... And I can definately see weed affecting long term memory over many years of heavy usage... I mean... All those years of wrecked short-term memory add up into shotty long-term memory... That I can definately see... But what I'm trying to figure out is if they were simply stating the aforementioned as being the cause of the shotty long-term memory, or if they meant that it affects memories that were held previous to the heavy usage.
  13. Perhaps there is a correlation. In the experimental studies i've read, there is no definitive answer though most implicate cannabis in the loss of short term memory .. and that only occurs under the influence of the drug.

    The only studies i've seen that attribute long term memory loss to heavy cannabis use were surveys. The last one i read had 90% of the heavy users say they felt that cannabis affected their long term memory in a negative way.

    Personally, i think a lot of people are just looking for an excuse. Instead of taking responsibility for their shortcomings and attempting to take action, it's easier for people to point the finger of blame elsewhere so they feel better about themselves. Whatever makes people happy i guess
  14. I think the main clue here is
    , and though i've had many bouts of heavy use for long periods of time, i know that the long term memory loss done was due to typical street grade pills, supposedly ecstacy. I'd even go as far to suggest that Cannabis has helped heal my brain from this damage. but then that's just "aneccdotal":rolleyes: in the eyes of the accademia.

    modern decadent Life causes more damage to our long term memories than cannabis use. Aspartame, Asesulfame K and other poisons added to food cause more lasting and accumulative damage than cannabis, and with no perceivable benefits at all (except to the short term gains of the corporation that produced them).

    also, STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO OVER SIMPLIFY CANNABIS! They don't know what they're talking about if they do! <-- read that again to make sure you understand it.
    I'll bet that it is neither the THCs nor the cannabidiol nor other cannabinoids that causes any supposed long term memory loss (at least when in natural given ratios)... and that it would more likely be the combusted vegetable matter and other chemicals released from the more comon forms of consuming cannabis, if at all.

    clearly though, too much of anything is best avoided.

    but then, if the LD50 figures are anything to go by.... its near impossible to have too much cannabis.

    do your own homework peeps, and make sure the TV watchers stay for detention doing even more!

    i've only been taking cannabis for about 7 years so far, but i know ageing hippies who say things like "anything i've forgotten wasn't worth remembering anyway" and i can see their point.
  15. nah i don't believe it fucks with your long-term memory, short-term memory for sure, every now and then about my life i find myself forgetting what i was about to do (like if my mum asks me to do something for her)

    But in general i find my long-term memory is actually better than alot of other peoples, tokers and non-tokers alike.
  16. Well honestlly maybe its just some people or just me but my memory has messed up a little since i been smoking weed... but nto to a bad bad point
  17. Is what i thought this thread was going to say when I previewed it :)

    But usually when i go through times of heavy tokage, I get retarded for a little while. Ive never had and long-term memory loss, always shit like misplacing my keys, forgetting what im talking about, not being able to think of the right words...dumb shit.
  18. What is considered heavy smoking? Would that be like 7+ grams a day or something?
  19. everyones body chemistry is different.i bet it can in some people.
  20. There was an article in the british press, I think Sky News, a couple of weks ago that said research is starting to show that people who had been toking since the 60's, 70's where less likely to devlop mental problems inthe long run.

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