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Heavy smoker needs YOUR help!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 561imdone, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Sup blades. Well I got caught the other day.... (Yes I still live at home) And I am supposadly getting a drug test in about a month, maybe a little more. For the past year and a half ive smoked at LEAST 4 bowls a day(I only smoke the dank), and havent missed a day. And before that I would only smoke every other day or so...

    Since theres SO MUCH THC in my system atm, I know im gonna fail a drug test at any given point lol. My question is if I have a drug test coming up in a month, what should I do to clean my system as much as possible? Drink lots of water green tea cranberry juice? Iv been told to do all that, but I just wanna get everyone elses opinion since you guys are the best and always have great answers.

    Kinda glad I got caught to be honest. I've been wanting to take about a month++ T- Break 8)

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. Check out the how to pass a drug test sticky in the rec. forum man it has tons of info. But basically, lots of water/exercise to flush it out your system, cranberry juice is supposed to help, and if you really need to be clean, read up about niacin and start taking some of that.

    Good luck man.

  3. Thanks brahhh, man I hope I get as high as I did when I first started blazin. :rolleyes:Man those were the best days.
  4. green tea works wonders man, its amazing
  5. Yea man, Im hoping my current break will bring me back there. Anyway, besides the antioxidants and all that stuff to flush your system, another BIG help is plenty of excersise.
  6. you should be good in a month without any of that unless your overweight but drinking alot of water never hurts

    56ace nice
  7. I actually work out every day 8) Surprised, even with smoking so much I still foiound time to workout, I'm scared to become fat.
  8. exercise, water, cranberry, and all the other shit listed above and you'll be good in a month.
  9. Who is giving you the test? Your parents or the fuzz? If it is your parents, find someone you know who's clean and use their urine or use synthetic urine (pricey but far better than those detoxic flushers). I doubt your parent's are gonna be hardcore and watch you piss or take the temp after you fill the cup (to make sure it came outta your body vs smuggled in).
  10. youll be okay about to do the same...getting a new job, been smoking 1 ounce per month since july...i stopped smoking today and i have the test, likley early next taking a lot of b-complex, a mix of b vita mins, niacin, riboflavin etc. to get the thc moving OUT...also helps that im 6'1 and 155 right now lol...lost 30lbs since aug. so maybe the thc went with it haha....

    your body is constantly renewing cells and flushing your system naturally so its not like you have a years worth of thc in you....if you stopped smoking for the whole month and didnt do anythign else youd prolly be doing the same thing in a weeks time...we shall see.
  11. THC is stored in fat cells so as long as you eat healthy and do some running 5 times a week and drink plenty of water you will be fine :)

    Good luck!

  12. Let us know how your test goes
  13. You should see about getting that date pushed back.

    It took me a month and a half to get clean without niacin(I refuse to destroy my liver in exchange for getting to smoke closer to the DT date.)

    I wasn't out running or anything but I do drink alot of liquids and excercise within my home.
  14. i think a month is plenty of time honestly. make sure you dont smoke at all and exercise drink a lot of water like everyones saying. usually if you don't do anything and stop smoking for a month youll be fine so i think youll be good.
  15. Try a Whizzinator. I know a few people that have used them successfully. Just make sure you get the right color. :)

  16. I've actually used the "Formula 420 Body Clean" and it worked perfectly. I smoked 4 days before my test (I was on probation and randomly tested, got the letter for the test 4 days prior to the test)

    All I had to do was drink it 2 hours before the test, fill it up with water 15 mins later, drink, and 15 mins later fill with water again and drink, then you're clean an hour later for up to 5 hours.

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