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Heavy Smoker 4-5 months, bad trip EVERY "high". HELP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JFlighttt, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Well there's so much to discuss, I'm just going to start with what it's like for me to be high and then I'll run my mind off from there.

    Why do I feel like this when I'm high?
    -Choppy vision(especially at night or in dark places)-vision starts to get very choppy, almost like FPS lagg or something. It gets very irritating especial when I have to get something done.

    -INTENSE pressure on my eyes, I know your blood pressure increases which is why you get red eyes but the pressure in my eyes is always too much to bear with. My eyes feel like they're about to explode most of the time and they usually don't even get that red.

    -INTENSE pressure in my head, mainly towards the front, kind of by the sinus area because that also usually gets stuffed up after I smoke and my entire head just feels so damn f*cked up. Sometimes after doing a whip it(nitrous), while whomping, all the pressure will go away for a few seconds and all of a sudden i can think about the pressure and literally force them out of my body with my mind and then i feel amazing, my head feels like it's sober, but i have that visual high from the weed, and then when i'm done whomping, all the pressure in my head goes back and it just frustrates me.


    I can feel my heart beat throughout my whole body. I get a huge throbbing sensation that is absolutely uncomfortable to bear with throughout my entire body. My head gets the worst of these throbbing feelings which is why it causes the choppy vision, about-to-burst-eyes, and it causes me to just trip out in my own mind and then i tweak, my whole body gets a like shock and im just scared, i hear my heart beat more and more, i shake, i can't think, im GAWN. There is no fun about it, I clearly don't get the same high as a normal MJ smoker gets.

    -Bad thoughts about myself. I always over think on weed. I just think way too much, I can't let my mind just do it's thing because I trip out for no reason(keep reading on and i will explain my trip outs). I have read that it is paranoia and/or an anxiety attack but I feel like I get more than just those 2.

    Visual high is there, mind high kind of, body high: HELL NO
    This is the biggest reason I don't get "high" off of weed. I get the whole visuals thing, where objects stick out differently, all colors are so damn amazing, when you look at some things, you can kinda feel like they're in a different depth. I get the mind high, thoughts racing, visuals i see very sparsely no matter how high I am, i'm sure my mind tripping out stops me from enjoying most of that.

    What bothers me most is the damn body "high" that I get. I don't get that FLY feeling that you're supposed to get, that feeling where you know everything is fake, where you know that weed is gonna wear off and it will go away. I don't get that, my body and mind trip out on themselves EVERY damn time. EVERY time. I don't get that enjoyable body high. Instead, I'll lay down and start feeling like my body is falling, I start to get that weightless feeling, I love it, I fucking love that feeling but what do you know, prolly a half second into falling, my body will spasm the FUCK out on itself , it stops me from falling and causes pain throughout my body as if im super sensitive to weed or something. nobody knows how frustrating this is. My body will trip out on itself and random muscles in my body will twitch and move, its ridiculous, i can't take it anymore. My MIND wants it, it loves this feeling but my body keeps saying NO, it's cockblocking my high from weed.... so now i know that i live with a shield around me blocking the high. perfect, my anger issues have gotten much worse after the fact that my mind loves weed but my body doesn't.

    There's a whole bunch of other symptoms or side effects i get from this herb. cotton mouth, uncontrollable shaking, very difficult time swallowing, paranoid/thoughts only when driving usually, very big signs of DP/DR, as soon as i get these really bad highs, I turn very quiet, have my head down, ruin all my friend's highs, start thinking about how people judge me and i feel like shit, to be honest. it's the worst feeling ever, i start killing myself on the inside, saying that i throw my life away with the shit i do. well i'm past that point now, i want weed to feel good that's all.

    I feel like i do have ADD or ADHD. I feel like i've had it most of my life but never went to a doctor about it but whenever i do get high, its VERY hard for me to focus or pay attention on someone that's talking to me, my mind runs off on some other shit and then i end up just nodding to them after a 2 minutes story.

    so here's the story of my weed life because i KNOW that the highs i get aren't because of me being a beginner.

    April 2011 (16yo) started smoking pot, smoked for about a month, was high nearly every day for 2 weeks within that month or so. The high is hard to remember but i feel like it was better than the highs i get now, i was new to smoking so weed got me really high back then but i feel a lot worse smoking it now than then.

    After a lil over a month i just kinda stopped. did my own thing for most of the summer until august that year, my buddy bought some K-2/legal weed/spice/ some bullshit. smoked it the first time, got REALLY HIGH, it was awesome, i was laughing at the stupidest shit for the longest time. it only last like 30 mins but it was fun. the next day i ripped it 4 times, huge hits. 10 minutes later i tweaked out on it, i started seeing shit, thought i was dead, was absolutely tripping out, i was thinking about suicide and a whole bunch of shit. it was dumb. i smoked it a lil bit a few days after that for a lil, then i was done with it. never touched it since then.

    About a month after that, i'm 17 now, been about 3-4 months since i've smoked. got really high and kind of missed that feeling but i was scared cuz i kept feeling it was gonna make me trip like K2. I smoked for a few months by myself usually at home, prolly 2-4/5 times a week, not super consistent.

    ever since April 2012 (4 months ago) i've been smoking a lot more. I started smoking a PHx $800 bong nearly every day for the past few months. Smoke ever day, most days i will smoke 2-4 times a day. usually before, during, after work. anyways, out of the hundreds of separate times of being high, I've never gotten that high you're supposed to get and im to the point where i keep thinking about it more and more every time that im high and i wonder why i dont like it, why my body will not accept every amazing thing it does to you.

    so basically, i have spent hours upon hours while "shit-stoned" at home trying to find out why my body reacts this way to weed and i can't come upon 1 reliable answer because i feel like i have multiple side affects or allergies to weed. I have considered taking like a 2 month break to see if it's a tolerance problem because i was told that most people feel somewhat like this because they used to smoke for a lil, then quit for a good amount of time and then got back into it which is exaclty how it is with me. i feel like my tolerance got WAY WAY too low because sometime i can take 1 hit from a chillm and have it feel like 3 blunt rips and it gets real;ly irritating and i need some help with this.

    i've also been told to take a bar, i take a whole ton of other drugs so yea ive smoked on a bar, feels better but i dont wanna take a damn xanax or klon every time i smoke, that's just dumb and i still don't feel how im supposed to when i smoke on a bar.

    i'm 18, bout 5 foor 8, 125 pounds, pretty skinny, got a pretty flat chest so i'm sure i am more sensitive to weed.

    I'm not looking for answer like quit smoking, i'm at the point where I want to keep smoking but it's just not hitting me the right way.

    Sorry for the long post, trust me, this only took like half a % of the total time i spend researching my symptoms from weed. Thanks.

    PS, any body that would like to discuss this more, please message me, i'd be happy to talk to someone that has info. on what is going on.
  2. Smoke smaller quantities, thats pretty confusing btw
  3. You should see a doctor. Tell him/her flatout when this happens. They can't release your information unless you sign a piece of paper, patient confidentiality laws. Do these symptoms happen when you don't smoke or is it only when you smoke? Hopefully you are just allergic but their could be a serious problem I am not a doctor but their could be an issue with your heart. Like I said see a doctor.
  4. yo . i feel you my man. not when i was smoking i used to get different then most people. i would visually trip and my mind became very distorted... oh well lol:smoke:
  5. Have you no decency? Where is the tl;dr
  6. i only read half of it....everything you just explained so're normal...that's what weed does to you.

    either weed isn't for you or you shuold smoke less and maybe you'll enjoy it.
    2 types of weed
    sativa = cerebral high
    indica = body high
    there are mixed ones which is the type of weed you smoke because you explained both highs

    my highs are exactly like that when i rip from a bong lol
  7. omg i just read your post about the spasms type things. I used to get these things ( still do but very rarely) where it'd be these intense tingling throughout my body/ almost like an orgasm/falling. it would get intense until my body couldn't bare it anymore. it was like jazzing your pants x 5 on crack or sum thin

  8. Most of this happens after I smoke, I'll usually be left with all these awful and uncomfortable effects when i guess most of the high is gone. I'm sure I have a good amount of anxiety in my life that I don't realize until I smoke. Thanks, I will let my doctor know as soon as I see mine next.

  9. EXACTLY!!! Thank you. Dude I got high as hell last night and started feeling all of this and googled "marijuana orgasm" because honestly, this stuff drives me insane. I can't take it, my body is too ticklish to it or something. How did you go to get around this?

  10. Yea but in the state of sucks getting weed, getting good weed that is. I'd like to be able to just drive down the street to a MMD and grab some indica but guess I can't do that around here. There a tip on trying to find the right weed for me around here?
  11. I am new to the city but a lot of people will tell you your fine but listen to your gut I've been hurt before where everyone in my life told me I was fine but my gut told me something was wrong so I went to the doctor and something was wrong so trust your gut if you think something is wrong get help.
  12. its all in your head man! Placebo is more powerful than any drug.
  13. just skimmed through the red/bold/caps and that seems like a SERIOUS CASE of smoking too much for your tolerance. :cool:

    In other words really high. :smoking:

  14. The problem is that I start feeling all that after 1 hit and all the uncomfortable effects like the throbbing and pressure will get worse as i take more hits but i can't live with being able to take 1 hit and that's it, there's something wrong and there has to be a way to work with this.
  15. I've read around and noticed this to being one of the most useful pieces of info. i have found:

    "its much more likely to happen when you used to smoke regularly and have picked it back up again after having a break. Your mind is used to weed and knows the kind of stuff to expect, but can't really remember exactly how you used to feel. Your tolerance has dropped drastically and has just been hit by a THC train.

    This is likely to keep happening as you'll be subconsciously thinking about it every time you smoke. If you want to enjoy weed in the future then the best thing you can do is have good break (2 months at least) and just really pace your use when you blaze it up again. Enjoy its subtle effects before you start caning it again. And if you start panicking angain just STOP."

    Does anybody feel like my mind has been "scarred" by the K2 trip so that when ever i take a psycho active substance, my mind can't ignore it since K2 fucked me up so bad?!

  16. Even after smoking multiple times a day for a few months, my tolerance seems to be VERY low. MY highs are very uncomfortable, terrible head and body throbbing sensations, tweak very easily and tweaking hurts, yes it actually hurts to tweak, when i tweak, my mind "takes an image" and i just freak out on it, terrible body sensations-am i sensitive?
  17. I feel like I'm having somewhat of the same bad trips as you. I feel like everything I look at are framelike, like everything is in fragments, my heart beats harder than usual and I can feel it, the sensations in my body my hands feet legs etc are very sensitive, and my head just rushes with these thoughts it's overwhelming and in a way everything is overwhelming, in a bad way.

    For me I feel like it's just because I need eat more being that I'm fasting at the moment and eat only once a day then smoke right after. However, the only time I have these bad trips are when I'm with my friends and I milk it. Could be the weed? Could be the hit you're taking. Or it could just be you. Being an introvert I keep to myself a lot and being high it can go both ways for me, either really talkative and relaxed or just kept to myself and losing sense of reality.

  18. My other thoughts would be..

    Either the weed is not good. Have you tried other strains/ different dealers?

    Try another method if you are using a bong try a joint.

    Make a comfortable environment for yourself to smoke in.
  19. If you get these feelings 'EVERY' time you smoke, why the fuck have you been smoking heavily for 4-5 months? Why do it if you don't enjoy it?

  20. Because I have been hoping to "smoke thru it" but clearly it's not working.

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