Heavy Rain

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vincent16, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Can heavy natural rainfall overwater potted outdoor plants?

    Would there be anything i can do to keep the natural rainfall from killing them, without keeping them out of the sun?

    - Vince
  2. What ever mother nature deals to your plants im sure they'll be just fine. I trust what ever mother nature can dish out. If you're talking like a hurricane or something intense i'd be a bit worried, but rain is nothing to worry about.
  3. Well it is just heavy rain, and its like slightly windy, but not very hard, the wind cant get to my plants anyway, so just heavy rain. They have surved heavy rain when they were younger, im just concerned =]

    - Vince
  4. Hey Vincent16 -

    The key to what you posted is the word POTTED outdoor plants. Make sure the pots for your plants have drain holes in the bottom of them. Otherwise they will be swimming after heavy rain fall.....

    Kisses -
  5. The answer is no, as long as they drain well.
  6. you say the wind can't get to your plants. the wind is needed to make the stem grow strong
  7. when i say wind, i mean like big gusts of wind cant, cause my plant has bushes all around it, but little breezes move it on occasion, and the stem is pretty thick right now, so im sure it's fine. Also the drainage holes are in the bottom, plus is was VERY sunny all day today, so im sure their fine. Thanks for the comments guys, much appriciated as always.

    - Vince
  8. Movement through wind is generally good for the plant, helps strengthen the stem.

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