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  1. i recently obtained some heavy harvest fertilizer and i must say my plants are growing healthier and bigger than i expected. i had planted really late (july 1st they were 1 inch tall) and now they are about 5 feet and still growing. this fertilizer along with the new england amount of rain are amazing for the plants. i highly reccomend this fertilizer to anyone growing outdoors. i would love to post some pictures for you guys but i do not have a camera anymore.
  2. 5 feet in 6 weeks seems really fast.
  3. my plant went from 1.5 feet to 5 feet in about a month and a week and all i had was sunlight and some dank organic soil. I hadn't seen it in like 2 weeks and i swear i was like wtf is that in my spot lol.
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    My first outdoor also, started in and were between 9" and 37 inches. Tallest is now over seven feet and going strong, others all following cept 1 Mandala No. 1, kinda lagging, but mostly sativa I believe. These were taken outside July 4th weekend, 1-3 inches per day growth; you could see it overnight it seemed.

    Outside is now going to be every year with at least 1/2 my plants.

    I'm expecting great things from my 12 plants.

    Aug 13th, 2008, Northern Oregon. I am now noticing flowering beginning on trainwreck but nothing on others that I can deternine as male/female. 10 are from seed, so I'm hoping for the best.

    Good work guys!!

  5. ya i gave my outdoor plant some advanced nutes..just gro and micro and from month 3 to 4 they tripled in size......then like a week ago....i just watered the shit outta my greenhouse...and the next night they were prolly 6inches taller....no shitting ya....
  6. so is everyone else outside getting flowers on theirs by now? i just got some last week and im in the Midwest US.
  7. yes finally getting pre-flowers
  8. my outdoors not yet.....but very soon...
  9. my purple powers and a couple of my bagseed arent showing anything yet. i ripped a few males but other than than no real crazy signs of females yet.
  10. yes that heavy harvest fert is what i saw browndirt warrior using. you just sprinkle it on the top soil or did you did a hole and fill it with the heavy harvest fert before planting the plant in?

  11. Never underestimate solar power! I've seen some amazing growth on indoor hydroponics but you give a plant full sunlight and proper nutrition like you get in Heavy Harvest and they'll surprise you!

    I really like the results from Heavy Harvest particularly. It's easier to use than a lot of the other stuff (especially for guerrilla grows) and since it's from Advanced Nutrients I don't worry about how good it is for MJ. There's no re-packaged tomato fertilizers with them, they're not trying to hide what they're really selling.

    And of course with Brown Dirt Warrior using it that's a big bonus for Heavy Harvest.
  12. I've got some purple powers as well. They are around 9 ft now, and still not showing sex. Just look at my last thread I posted and you'll see. Also, I've got some diesels, and a white widow, and all of them grew like crazy this year! I love outdoors!! 9ft in 2 months a few weeks on the purples, and the rest of the strains really shot up too.

    No advanced nutrients this way though. All I've got is some Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 for the widow thats budding, (it started mid-june for some reason) and some ferti-lome 23-18-16 for the rest.
  13. Heavy harvest (spring,summer,fall) is basically all I use except for big bud power and overdrive. These combo of nutrients has worked very vell for me aswell.....The only negative with HH is you have to becareful with the fall HH, because you want to make sure you give your plants the last application of HH I would say 5 weeks before your plants are harvested. Otherwise you will have chemicals in your bud.....Which it has happened to me......not good.

    I feed with HH every 3 to 4 weeks, except in the end like i said. Other than that HH is great. Easy to apply(1 pound per 10' x 10' area), slow released fertizler over 3 weeks, hard to fuck up.:D

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