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Heavy Drinking After Heart Surgery

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Next week on thurs Sept 11 I finally got put through after a couple years on a wait list for heart surgery.

    I'm stoked I can finally get it over with, but sort of concerned because I have my birthday party planned on Sept 13 (saturday).

    Here's the dilemma: over 40+ people are attending, and this event has been in planning for over a month. Many of them booked time off work so they could attend. If I cancel or change the date, it's a major inconvenience to everyone.

    I decided to go ahead with it with a YOLO mentality (I know fuck me right). I drink very rarely, and when I do I go all out.

    I know you guys are going to be like "drinking is gay, alcohol is bad for you" and I agree. I think alcohol is stupid, but you gotta admit it's fun when it's your birthday and everyone is vibing.

    I know for a fact I'm going to do 25+ shots of hard alcohol that night, but planning on staying away from my favorite shot, the jagerbomb.

    I'm not really sure what this thread is about. I'm partly asking if it's a good idea, but I know for a fact it's a horrible idea. Maybe I made this thread to tell my tale of how I died on my birthday before or if it happens.

    If I don't respond to this thread on Sunday September 14, here are some words of wisdom I'd like to pass on:

    -Don't be homophobic, try out a prostate massager. Trust me, stick it something in your ass is worth it when you reach super O.

    -Love your mom no matter how much of a cunt she is, she carried your fat ass for 9 months.

    -If you have thought about getting a fleshlight, do it, but make sure to wash it after use. Don't use it if you haven't washed it in 9 months.

    -If you like dubstep, take a listen to "Zomboy"

    -Treat others how you want be treated, but sometimes you have to be an asshole to get ahead in life.

    -Don't drink alcohol two days after heart surgery.

    -Everyone is equal. Sex, religion, race, age, sexual preference, even species.

    -Don't mow your lawn once a week, it will leave brown spots and make your lawn look like trash. Let it grow and mow it every second week at medium height.

    Hope to see you after my birthday.

  2. Good luck man. I know if it were me, I'd stay on the safe side and avoid the booze for a while. 
    Hope all goes well. :smoke:
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    If I may ask, what sort of heart surgery?
    edit: good luck
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    I really don't see anything wrong. 
    Have goood time. 
  5. I have a feeling you will be fine.

    Even after 25+ shots...

    Well maybe...

    "I'm to drunk, to taste this chicken" -Talladega nights
  6. Damn throwing up might hurt a bit lol

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  7. Best of luck to you, Omega! I hope you stick around because your threads are one of a kind. :smoking:
  9. Make sure they know its your heart so you dont wake up missing yer cock and balls.
  10. all true
  11. Maybe you should ask your doctor and not your fellow online drug users lol

    Rainbow family :)
  12. Well since you are going to die and everything, make sure you take a selfie before the surgery so we can at least know what you looked like
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    So your getting surgery to improve your health yet your going to potentially drink your self to death not knowing what it could do to your heart..effectively defeating the purpose of surgery which if you were on a waiting list must be fairly important...
    I must say I don't not agree with this one omega ...
    But I wish you luck and hope you have a good birthday i know what you mean even me the biggest alcohol hater on here drinks on my birthday lol

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  14. Be sure to tell all your friends to buy you all sorts of cool shit.. cause I call dibs on your stuff.

    Mobile mumbling..
  15. They'll tell you what to avoid. I wouldn't because alcohol thins your blood and lowers blood pressure.

    RIP Omega
  16. drinking after heart surgery is a dumbass idea. if you do 25 shots, you might just die. theres a reason they tell you to lay off alcohol for weeks if not months for any procedure involving the heart. 
  17. That sounds like a terrible idea. How old are you that you need heart surgery?
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    rip omega369

    turn down for wat
  19. Good luck man. Oh and RIP.

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