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Heavy (Blunt) Smokers: Please Read & Reply

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Colts, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. This^^^ I had to quit cigs because my coughing up flem was soo bad that I would cough my throat raw and could not speak. Now I only vape and I quit the cigs a long while ago. I still spit alot but I believe alot of that is due to OCD.
  2. Blunt papers are just as bad for you to smoke as some rolling tobacco. Rolling tobacco is meant to be inhaled, cigars aren't.
  3. Um, sorry but your last paragraph is wrong. They know quite well the effects of smoking tobacco, and that's what a blunt wrap is, low grade tobacco or paper made from tobacco.

    There is nothing healthy about smoking a blunt. Any benefit of the cannabis is counteracted by the toxicity of the tobacco.
  4. well I mean like a blunt. A paper with a leaf. The paper is made from tobacco but what about the leaf?
  5. It's smoke. Smoke damages your lungs. Period. I have the same problem, and trust me, blunts don't help. I'd say take a break and when you start smoking again, don't smoke many blunts. Another good solution is to make edibles for a while or buy/make a vaporizer.
  6. And by the way, the leaf is exactly what it sounds like: a LEAF... a TOBACCO leaf. So yes, the leaf is tobacco.
  7. Yeah man I smoke a lot of blunts too and I can totally tell that they're taking their toll. Going to buy a vape soon enough and try to move away from blunts.

    And I thought it was cool that I just used 7 words in a row that started with the letter "t".

    switch to a nice glass piece, i recommend a nice steamroller to keep at a friends house, assuming you smoke at one of your friends houses.
  9. I went a month of blunts only. Then i grew up to buy a volcano
  10. Grape swisher sweets til death do us part.
  11. imo blunts have never effected me. i can still run miles at a time without stopping and i smoked cigs for 3 years. i guess it just all depends on the body.
  12. Whoever wrote that article doesn't know shit about cannabis.
    "sun leaves" "thai stick" what a fucking joke.

    I went from smoking almost everyday to smoking maybe once a week, and i still get high everyday. the key is edibles and my vape. Find a nice vape you like (they're pricey, but they make really small ones that fit in the palm of your hand), and someone that sells edibles (or just make em yourself, its fun) and you can still get very high without thelung damage.

    I love running around, playing sports and swimming n stuff, last summer i couldnt keep up with my friends. i could tell my lungs were hurtin. now, i still get high almost everyday, but i've only been literally smoking maybe once a week. I DEFINATLY notice a difference, and i've grown to love all three methods of gettin high.

    edibles are especially cool because it takes about an hour to kick in, so your just goin about your bussiness as the high creeps up on you.

    In sum, no fucking lung cancer for me!
  14. Yeah thats what its going to turn to if my condition or whatever doesn't improve.

    Im sorry but I don't think thats true. Its not going to help you but it will slow you down(maybe little but its there).

  15. dude its obviously a joke thats why its hilarious
  16. I used to have this problem to I would smoke 3 or 4 blunts a day after a while I got really tired of it and starting hitting my little glass piece. Blunts are cool but only every now and then, not everyday.
  17. I don't care what you guys say, I'm gonna keep on hittin my blunts.:smoking: (I haven't noticed any adverse effects from them)
  18. Whoever wrote this post doesn't know shit about cannabis. Sun leaves are another term for fan leaves and thai stick is a very real thing.
  19. No shit thai stick is a real thing, but rolling un-dry fan leaves over a thai stick and lathering it with honey oil doesn't seem very realistic to me.

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