Heavenly Orgasm

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by tabou21, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. i just thought of something....God created us in heaven, and we are born here on earth. well there is the process of sex...having the orgasm..how good it feels...i wonder if at that point we are feeling it from heaven...i wonder if heaven feels like getting off...except one everlasting orgasm...

    just another smoked up revelation..

    in an hour ill forget this lil thread...lol
  2. No, occording to religion its evil...

    But obviously it feels so good because its what we do to reproduce. Evolution is fucking crazy.
    Thus, the orgasm evolved, so that we would fuck like rabbits (evolution worked well for them as well).
  3. Don't you know why God has invented orgasm?

    Otherwise you would never stop f*cking!!!

  4. Not according to my religion. I don't know if heaven will be like an orgasm, but I do know that sex isn't evil. But then again, like all things, it can be abused, and used for the wrong purposes.
  5. How can sex be used for the wrong purposes? On a personal level it is extremely pleasurable, on a larger scale it keeps the human race going.
  6. Petifiles, rapists, the pornography world (those who are forced into it against their will), etc. There are pleanty of ways to misuse sex.
  7. Sex is still being used for the same purposes in those circumstances. Just in immoral ways.

    Edit: I agree sex can be misused... but the purpose of having sex is always the same...
  8. "but the purpose of having sex is always the same..."

    I don't know if I totally agree with that. Sometimes sex is used to humiliate and hurt people (as is the case with some rapists), sometimes it's used to fulfill a fantasy, and sometimes it's simply to have children... depends on the individual... but I do see what you're saying, most people just do it because it feels good.
  9. Usually this humiliating others by rapist is just part of THEYR sexual desires. So the purpose is still the same (in a sick fucking way)
  10. Sex can be misused but I think everyone does it for the same reasons. And if heaven is like a giant everlasting orgasm I hope I make it to heaven one day
  11. Then hell must be like being blueballed.

  12. Yes, sex it usually for 1 of 2 reasons (or both)... making babies, and just getting off...

    But there are instances where people use rape soley for the purpose of further humiliating/hurting an individual.
  13. Yes...but what purpose does the humiliating have? Satisfying the humiliator!

  14. in prison, when a huge guy rapes you anally. you think he wants you to be the mother of his child? no, he wants to OWN YOU, and he most definately will after such an experience.

    this is not just immoral, it is complete exploitation of the entire sexual process.

    sex should never be a weapon.

  15. Well maybe you should read what I wrote between the ( )'s. It says "those who are forced into it against their will." Why are you so offended? Unless you are one of the sick people out there who forces women into pornography against their will.

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