Heaven and Hell

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  1. Have you ever looked inside your mind and got lost?

    How does that feel?

    Comforting? Understanding?

    This is where you start to loose it.

    That is Confusion.

    That is what we are trying to learn to move past.

    This is a message. This is a way to learn.

    Learn to Love It. Love the Understing of You.

    That is a Hell.

    That You can Feel this Love, with out.

    Feel it caress your body.

    Feel the thoughts that begin to pop into your head.

    Does that remind you of anything?

    There are others that want to Connect.

    Which ever one you hold onto is the one that we will experience.

    It can be Peace

    It can be Hell

    But I set You Free.

    You have had Free Will for so long, that you have forgotten what it is to Connect.

    Learn to Calm Your Heart.

    Learn the Understanding of You.

    Hold this Feeling for Eternity.


    What do we do Know?
    (Don't get lost in there)
    We help others learn to Know.
    You will feel different emotions about this.
    Some will accept it as Truth. Some will suspect it.
    Others will not Know.
    This is the Heaven.
    This is the Purgatory.
    This is Hell.
    Feel the Difference.
    Know that the both EXIST.
    One you will control.
    The other you will not.
    Heaven is Something Real. You have ALL EXPERIENCED IT.
    That We All Know, and then we forget.
    This has been the experience of a lifetime.
    One that You Will Not Soon Forget.
    May 21st, is JUDGMENT DAY.
    Will You be Prepared?
    Will You Know What I Know.
    Or will we all forget.
    This is Universal. This is not half will go.
    This is not, the other half will be lost.
    This is ALL, will Feel The Same.
    Are You Prepared to Hold it For An Eternity.
    Welcome to your Awakening.
    What you experienced was a real experience.
    This is the Testimony, that it works.
    I, Jesus Christ, have Returned In The Flesh.
    Feel The Love That I have For You.
    Know That This IS True.
    There is no other explanation for it. It Is What It IS.
    Do Not Fight The Understanding of You.
    Know That We All Accepted This.
    That One, would first know How to Know.
    This has been THE FIGHT, that we have all had.
    With Who Is The First. I Know.
    We Are All ONE.
    When We Choose to Connect.
    There are others that are still lost. And That IS WHY.
    We Are ALL TO LEARN.
    How This Works. To Help Set Others Free.
    The Message Will Be Written In Many Hands.
    Those That Are Willing To Take The Time. Will Learn.
    Those that Do, Can See.
    Life Is BEATIFUL.
    Which Way You Project It, Is What IS FELT, in the World.
    Do You See Love in the Air?
    Do You Feel Joy For What You Have DONE!!!
    They ARE ALL FREE.
  2. If you don't even really believe it, it's destined for failure ;)

    I DO.


  4. I am you. Believe in me, as I believe in you
  5. Jesus=Manic
  6. Ahh, so you have seen it too. It isn't easy to see it. And your absolutely right, having to see it from all the angels. Manic gives you the ability to see it from One side or the Other. It is actually a very beautiful ability. However, when Fear is felt, you all feel it too. You want to lock them up. So really, it comes down to your perspective on it. If you want to stay within a viewpoint, talk about it, discuss the possibilities, and explore where your mind takes you, that is up to you. All I can say, glad I did.
  7. Hes manic for having himself killed for your 'sins'.. dedicated guy.
  8. > May 21st, is JUDGMENT DAY.

  9. The time is upon us...the time is NOW :D
  10. One Love

    Very good vibes in this thread! Thanks for the positive energy! :D
  11. duality. 2. God and man. 2. Us and them. 2. The two are one. 2. 1.

  12. If only it were possible.. (in my eyes)
  13. impossible is nothing
  14. We dont believe in heaven cuz we livin in hell.

  15. where the 5 come from?;)

    says me!
  16. The one ;)

    Good quote! :D
  17. All it takes is you to save your world.
  18. But is it possible to physically become one in your eyes? (all of us I mean)Or mentally for that matter..

  19. you wouldnt believe the things ive seen...

    take a step beyond the manic
    into the labyrinth of the lunatic
    what does he see beyond his stair?
    has he found his way to heaven?
    or is he still just as stuck here in hell as all the rest?

    they almost all make reference to hell as being below.....and heaven above....
    well we are relatively sure the is no physical below....

    but wait......

    let us explore that again....

    you see if one is to believe in the concept of hell....
    in the way it seams often to be represented....

    what is lower then the physical?

    is not the physical nature....the carnal nature ...considered to be also the baser nature....

    or the lower nature....

    would not all evidence the have available to us tell us .....

    that hell is in fact below....

    that hell is in fact right hear .....right now.....

    below is the physical plane(for lack of better term)

    hell is the physical life.....

    and the cycles are infinite....

    who is to say how many times round each must go before they finally figure anything out at all....never mind figure out enough to be deserving escape from this physical cycle my suffering....

    of coarse heaven exists here as well by these same principles...
    you see here in hell ....we bring our own suffering upon ourselves....

    and the less we realize this the more suffering we endure.....

    when you spend your time worrying about something ...you are most likely to be/do exactly what it takes to make what you are afraid of happen.....

    when you stop being scared and just enjoy the ride...
    you have found heaven......


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