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heating urine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sENCINITAS, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. alrite.. well i have a minor drug test tonite (parents), and i already have some clean piss.. my question is.. what is a QUICK way to heat up the urine (which is in a small lotion bottle)

    i already thought of a heating pad. but i dont have one. so thats out

    i thought about putting it in really hot water for a little.. but i don tknow how well that will work

    i need help asap so thanks

    best way possible that will take the least time?

    alrite.. thanks guys

  2. lol how long have u been saving some piss in a bottle?
  3. hot water sounds good, body heat? stash it somewhere for a couple of mins?
  4. ive never had to do this ..but ive known people to use hand warmers to heat up the piss to the right tempature and they passed.

    i dont think your parents are gonna test the tempature of you urine to see if its right
  5. your suppose to wait for the urine to be room temperature anyway before using a home drug test

  6. yeah but they'll think its weird if its cold and its suposedly just been peed.
  7. Put it under your arm pit.
    Use hand warmers, like for skiing.
  8. i just got the piss yesterday.. so its good

    unfortunately i was checkin out the test, and theres a temp gauge to "see if it has been tampered with".. otherwise i woulda been in the clear

    i dont know where any hand warmers on,, theres none in my snowboard stuff

    any other advice???

    thanks to everyone who offered help
  9. hmm... say your making mr noodle or something, and put the bottle in under the noodles, should get nice and warm pretty quick.

    just be sure to not eat it after...
  10. drink it and hold it in your mouth for a little while and then spit it back out into the bottle
  11. Like chew said, put it under your arm pit. Or sack it, or something. So long as its about body temperature it should be good.
  12. put it in a plastic bag, and tape it to your body for a while... that should make it body temperature, or relatively..cus thats what you want it at, not too hot, not too cold... 98.6 F
  13. alrite.. well i am gonna try taping it to myself


    what area do you think would be the best to tape it? (as in which would make it the warmest)
  14. why not try putting it in a little jar, like a baby food jar or something and just put it in ur jean pocket?keep it there for awhile. i'd rather that than putting piss in a bag and taping it to myself lol :)
  15. wow... thats a toughy... umm what about if you just put it under boiling water?
  16. got a termometer? the temp diff on the tests are pretty damn close from what Ireme, no matter if you shove it in your noodles or not, your gonna wanna check it..
  17. yeah hempflower has the idea.. thats what i did.. i took the test about an hour ago... and passed

    thanks all

  18. jus put it under your ball sac and sit on it for a while itll be plenty warm
  19. Tape it to your inner thigh, up close to your package. That's what people do when they have to take drug tests for jobs, etc.

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