Heating nail with Carb Cap on... Ok to always do?

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  1. So i read online about loading a dab on a cold nail, putting the carb cap on and then heating it. When it starts to smoke inhale and DAMN! 
    a small dab produces ALOT more smoke this way, and is WAY smoother.
    i am using an HE carb cap and Duail Ti domeless nail.
    I aim the torch kinda under the cap to try to heat the nail.
    OH AND BTW, the best part is, you can reheat and take another dap if you didn't finish.
    are there any cons about doing it this way?

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    Only if the TI is made super poorly and there's a stress fracture and the laws of physics become backwards and heat instantly transfers to the nail heating it extremely hot whereas the cap is cool causing expansion and stress leading to exacerbation of the poorly welded carb cap leading it to exploding. :D
    For Reals? Time. Just takes longer I think. Essentially you are heating the nail to the flash point of your oil instead of OVER-heating it leading to burning/waste. Its a good idea to do so.
    On a side note, fuck ya'll and your carb caps and dabbing. :/ out till break
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    I really don't see this issue with inhaling trace CO2 and H2O, which are the products of a hydrocarbon (butane) combustion. If this is your worry, I feel you, but you're probably fine. Just try to keep the butane away from the holes in the carbcap.

    It might break the Ti, but I assume HE carb caps are Grade 3 Ti, so you should be able to use it.

    Are you getting it red hot? I assume you don't have to get it super super hot, if the point is to get a good hit.
  4. No you don't need to get it red hot. i think this is how dabbing should be. OMG!
  5. anyone else do this?

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