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Heating brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by H4Z3, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. ALright so bout 3 days ago i baked my self some brownies using cannabutter made from 1/4mids.
    I ate 3 5mins after they came out of the oven and felt the effects well into the next day.(ate 3 at like 330 and was burnt for most of the next day)

    My question is are the brownies stronger if you heat them up in a microwave or oven before eating. Cause I ate 1 today before school(pretty big one) but it wasn't as strong... can anyone shed some light on this situation?
  2. You only ate most likely lasted just about as long but the effects seemed different at 1/3 the dose you took before. They really sneak up on you...if you were blazed till the next day you would have probably been 'too high' with 4 or 5.

    As for heating up...others will say differently but I tell anyone who gets edibles from me to use the oven and never the microwave. All microwaves are different and i dont want to have to account for what a shitty old microwave will do to my edibles that i put a lot of care into. I cook mostly chocolate chip cookies (and in bulk... 36 dozen this week) but the idea is just the same for brownies.

    As for potency of heated vs. unheated... I keep everything in the freezer and often will just snag one without heating it up. No change except that it seems to take a little bit longer. But here's the key...if it works for you then do it. Everyone handles edibles differently. What works for me will not always work for you.

    Trial and error, my friend.

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