heather Hason . . .Super Duper HOT

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cloudman, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. her name is heather hanson and all i can say is wow. . .
    There are more nude pics of heron the internet but you have to pay somtin like 40 buck for thee mounths of the web sites shes on and that is a tad much for me :( any one scene her before?
  2. bleh.... if u wanna plastic lookin barbi with as much waist as matchstick... sure... then, int that case... she\'s hot. :p
    meh heh.
  3. does she come in a red-head?
  4. who cares what color her hair is..... i\'d hit it.....:p

    pink is the universal color an thats all that matters....
  5. Meh, this old timey chick looks better.

  6. he im shocked. . . .I thought i was on to pure gold here, givin she is barie like but you can only do so much with platic. Sure the boobs are a tad large but still not untastefull.

    Top 5 Sexy female names

    sara (either way i dont care)

    a little bland but i love them
  7. my name is sarah ;-)
  8. i\'m glad to have to say this \"heather is actually a weed\".............woooohoooooooo it grows wild in Scotland, and looks really nice, and is commonly known to bring good luck, coining the phrase....\"lucky white heather\" ..........it is also worn by Scotsmen when getting married in a kilt, probably the only country where you don\'t get called a cross dresser when wearing a skirt........lol.......Peace out........Sid
  9. I\'ll take the runner up! ;)

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