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  1. so, winter is coming and since i am growing in the attic I will need to get a heater for the grow room. There are ceramic heaters, fan heaters, oil filled heaters but I don't want to burn my house, what do you guys think is the safest heater to run in the attic?
  2. I'd feel safeest with one of those oil filled radiator heaters that has thermostat and tip over shut off. I have considered using one this winter. But I think I will just take this winter season off.
  3. How about a garage heater? I've picked a few up for $30, its just a dish that plugs in and heats up. I've used them around the house and in the garage.
  4. garage heater could be oil, ceramic, electric coil, etc... so which one are you referring to and are you sure that it is safe?
  5. remember, fuel burning heaters produce co2...:cool:
  6. i did not know that but I don't think I will be using fuel burning heaters, it seems like that would be a waste of money.
  7. I was referring to an electric one. :)
    During winter my father has 4 or 5 electric garage heaters inside his house to keep his place extra toasty.... lol.
  8. I think they all are equallly safe if you use them properly. I believe all space heaters now have a safety shut-off switch in case of tip-overs (I may be wrong about that, if I'm wrong then get one with that safety feature).

    The keys are:

    1) Make sure there is nothing near the heater that could catch on fire, keep a good clearance in front and behind it and it should be fine

    2) Make sure it is on a level surface where it cannot be easily knocked over. Keep in mind that in winter your attic likely will see a rat visit at some point.

    3) Be sure to plug it in to a circuit that can handle the draw (same for any extension cords, power strips, etc you may use with the heater). Those things draw a lot of power so you want to make sure the circuit can handle it.

    4) Don't try to bypass the ground (3rd pole on a 3-way plug).
  9. I've used one (oil filled) for 3 seasons now, and it has done the trick for me.

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