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  1. ok im in desperate need of a game because im really bored of a new game after 80+ hours of fallout 3 im bored of it
    right now im thinking of orange box or left 4 dead
    i dont know which one to buy i would like your input and i welcome all suggestions to
  2. L4D, Great game when blazed.
  3. RE5, The Last Remnant, CoD, Worms armaggedon. Look on the internet to find more titles.

    L4D is super sick tho.
  4. There are many great title's...

    Most of it depends on whether you like to play online? really stoned with lot's or colors? Doing puzzles? Shootin' shit? (Delta Farce reference...Top's movie.)

    It's all about you...unless you play online..then it's teamwork. But what you have to do is just try games you think you may like...maybe you will???
  5. If you have xbox live and can play with a friend get Left 4 Dead. It is such a great game to play and having your friends is mandatory because you heavily rely on your teammates in battles. Plus the game has lots of replay value as they add more zombies based on your current situation (health,ammo,etc..) so the levels always seem harder than the last time you played them.

    If you want a great single player experience get The Orange Box. The Half Life games are some of the best first person shooters out there in my opinion. Plus you get Team Fortress and Portal, both of which are fun games. so 3 good games for the price of 1, which is a pretty good deal.
  6. maybe i will just get both
  7. Orange Box all the way. Half-Life continues to be one of the greates FPS experiences. Package that with the most witty FP puzzle game and a great multiplayer game and you've got yourself a deal.
  8. You cant go wrong if you get both. I own both and they are excellent games.
  9. i bought left 4 dead and i love it
    leve your tags if you wanna play
  10. I play L4D occasionally, GT: PiCkL3 SURPRiSE
  11. i rented orange box and couldnt stand it really, found it boring as hell.

    can anyone tell me if left 4 dead gets old quickly? i just dont see how killing zombies over and over can last that long.
  12. Played l4d at my friends and it was okay but I just bought the orange box today and it is amazing. Portal is fun especially when blazed :smoke: half life 2 is obviously awesome, and tf2 is the shit.
  13. i bought left 4 dead and i love it i can really see how someone wouldnt like it it is alot of fun bought i still think i might return it idk tf2 is the sit btw
  14. dead space is sick nasty....condemned 1 and 2, F.E.A.R are all good. my bro is into those kinda creepy ass games. All I need is NHL 09 and COD5 :)
  15. l4d is okay but it only has like 4 Campinas that you can finish pretty quickly and it is fun to piss people off and set off the car alarms lol. The orange box just offers so much more.
  16. story in l4d was soooo fun, so play if your buddies have it, but if not, then def. orange box, portal high is INSANE!
  17. Ive got l4d and enjoy playing it ocasionally. gt v8s10org
  18. Out of those two i would say L4D just because it kicks ass. But if you want to play a diffrent kind of free roam RPG get Fable 2 its an amazing game with alot to do. its kindof like fallout 3 only set in the middle ages only better.
  19. oblivion was made by the same company that made fallout 3, pretty much fallout 3 in medieval times
    chronicles of riddick assault on dark athena is pretty fun. street fighter 4, a must.
    i'm looking to buy battlefield bad company soon

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