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  1. How shold i warm my plants, should i buy a(n) heat lamp or what??>>......

  2. what temp is your room after about 2 hours of the lights on?
    what temp is your room after abourt 2 hours of nonlight?
    what kind of lights do you have right now?
  3. could buy a quilt/blanket for them....
    seriously though, why is there a need? Are they in an attic or similar?
  4. I'm growing in my basement because that's the only place i can fit everything, and I live in Pittsburgh Pa so it's going to be getting cold soon and my basement isn't the warmest thing in the house, also i'm using 4 40w CW flouros to grow so the tempature really doesn't adjust that much>>>.........

  5. im gonna have the same problem in my attic son considering that im frm wisconsin so i think that im going to buy a temp controlled small space heater
  6. Ave,
    I also am in cold conditions, it sucks when its your own bedroom though. gotta love military blankets. but I turn a space heater on and aim a fan at it to make sure the heat mixes in with the surrounding air instead of going directly to the top of the room....perhaps a top fan blowing down would aid in warming also, to force the collected heat back down.

    take care.
  7. Yes, i agree with THC & SuiJuris, however the heating bills might not! lol

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