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  1. Sometimes I hate the fact that I went small on my tent. Not due to the size restriction. I have a he'll of a time controlling the temps.

    My tent is 2frx2ftx5ft I use a 4 inch vortex fan that sits on top and pulls air through. Carbon filter at the top of the tent. Then I leave a passive intake open pm the bottom that comes from a window. And then I have a 10 inch fan on the floor aiming up
    And yet my tent stays upper 70s into the 80s....maybe I went with too strong a light using a 600 watt led in there
  2. A cool tube will pretty much fix your problem, when from high 80-90s to mid 70s when I put one on my 1000w HPS.
  3. Yeah but it's led
  4. led runs much cooler then other types of lights
  5. I understand that however my room is 68 degrees my tent inside is 79 80 even though I have a 4 inch fan pulling air out of the tent and pushing it out a window
  6. Is that 600 actual watt LED? I run a 360w in my veg room, but it doesn't put out much heat. Best you can do is upgrade the fan and try to get the filter closer to the light so it exhaust some of the hot air before it circulates. If I were you I'd buy a 4x4x7 to flower in with that LED and then buy a t5 or smaller LED for your 2x2 and use it for veg/clones.
  7. its 310 true watts..........Im not sure how i would upgrade the fan the tent has 5inch holes so a 6inch fan wont be able to fit
  8. I run an AC in grow room. Opening tent during light on hours I roll temps from 78 to 70 intentionally over course of the day
  9. 5" holes? What the fuck
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  10. 80 is perfect for led lights it helps the plants transpire moisture through the leaves
  11. Lol, different periods of the plants grow cycle actually have different temp requirements. You ever try growing roots(clones) in an 80 degree grow room? And flowering does much better if the temps drop down a bit during lights off time, as they would if they were growing outside.

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  12. jtrain, hole size of openings should determine size of duct work, not fan size. My fans are either completely in the tent or out of it and ducted in

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  13. That IS a pretty big light for that size tent

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