Heat your house for free!!

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  1. Do you run several lights producing serious heat? Do you have multiple grow rooms?
    Do you have a window A/C unit controlling the temperature in the room??

    My brothers friend had 2 rooms in his basement with 2-3 1,000 watts in both rooms. Well, my brother is a heating and cooling guy. He vented the exhaust from both A/C units and ran them both to his furnace (his rooms are in the basement, and his a/c units were 4-5-6 feet away from the furnace). He turned his furnace OFF...completely off...and it was 76 degrees in his house upstairs.

    If you are producing massive heat and are just exhausting it out of your house...re-use it!
  2. that's a pretty good idea...
  3. dude...i kid you not...this kid had 4-5 1,000 watt bulbs and his furnace was shut completely off 100% of the time. I went over there not even 24 hours after it was done and his upstairs was HOT HOT HOT...

    He actually was starting to complain of it being too hot lol. Even if you dont have enough heat to turn your furnace off, any heat will help that thing from kicking on!
  4. wont it make your house reek of weed?
  5. carbon activated filters is the answer to the smell
  6. Your refrigerator makes a lot of heat too, one trick is to put a vent above the back of the fridge. Close the vent to heat the house, open it to let heat escape.
  7. dopey, if your using a/c you use a sealed room and pull fresh outside air over your lights threw the hoods, and then exhaust it, into your house if your smart;] other then that, yess, your house would reek to the point of driving you crazy
  8. did this at a house i was living at one time, it was awesome, it was in the middle of no where so we let the smell come through with the heat, the house was warm and smelled awesome :)
    unfortunately my dumb ass roomates brother started living ther, against my will, and suprise! he had a warrant for arrest, cops walked in the house, my "in the middle of buttfack no-whersville" house and immediately the oinker said "your growing, I can smell it"

    moral-> good heat, just make sure to filter,
    oh and dont let shit head heroin junkies within a mile of ur set up :mad:

    that got dark for a second :rolleyes:

    but otherwise very groovy idea :smoke:

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