Heat Stress symptoms

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  1. I know my box experiences regular high temps. I'm working on it. Anyway everywhere I search, heat stress/light stress is said to cause burn spots and leaves turning upwards. However my plant symptoms are nothing like that. Instead they look like a mix of overwatering and nitrogen deficiency where the lower leaves are yellowing and the whole plant is droopy and sad. Slow growth. Ect

    I will update tonight with more info. But can temps from 90-100* and low humidity (I'm in a hot dry climate) cause a droopy plant with no signs of burns? Thanks in advance
  2. Yes. Heat at those temps will kill that plant eventually. You're absolutely going to have to get the temps down. Low to mid 80's is as high as I'm comfortable with for my plants. You don't get spots or discoloration or anything like that, the plant just kind of shrivels in on itself and dies...and pretty quickly. So, if it's still alive, you better be doing something quick if you want to keep it that way. TWW
  3. I added fans this morning before work. Hopefully the circulating air will keep temps down. I'll see in a few hours. I'll also be adding a second exhaust tonight

    Thank you for the response

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