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  1. Hi there,

    My plants (c99) are into 6th week of flower and have noticed what i can only assume to be heat stress. I have them on 600w in a 1.2×1.2 tent with a cooltube but we have had constant temp problems throughout but with a good flow of air, 20170724_102307.jpg they were really healthy up until a few days ago.

    Because they are in 6 weeks flower and now showing 20% brown hairs i thought the best cause of action would be to do 2 weeks flush and lower them to 400w. I just want some clarification to this and is there anything else we could do to help them for this last 2 weeks or do they look wrecked?

    Thanks in advance, Tony.
  2. They look beautiful to me. I'd say defiantly wait for a more experienced answer but id think you wouldn't want to lower the watts, expecially at the end of flower when all they want is MORE.
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  3. Thanks very much, Yeah ideally we want to keep them on 600 for the remainder. As there is 2 weeks left we dont want them to go bad as this happened in a few days lol dont know what to do for best.
  4. Raise the light

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  5. we cant raise the light any more than it is unfortunatly its right at top of the tent
  6. I know the struggle with temp fluctuation lately, expecially on these extra hot summer days.
    What are the temps in the tent? What is your ventilation like?
    I'm only a week into flower myself, but I was spiking just over 33c. I got a new fan with more than double speed it's not spiked above 30 on full power.
    Is it defiantly all down to heat. Don't forget 6 weeks in, a long time since it had nitrogen?
  7. Its the dielemma, with great light comes great heat...
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  8. we are sitting around about 32c with good ventilation and have them on 12/12 8pm til 8am. would giving them nitrogen cause any problems if they didnt need it or how do you tell if it is definatly that (sorry to sound like a bit of a newb)
  9. I had a similar issue in a previous grow. Once the leaves have a heat issue like that it's just gonna get worse. The affected leaves will continue to brown up and eventually you won't have any more photosynthesis with any affected leaves. Also an issue I had with mine was once I fixed the heat stress the callyxs started throwing new white pistils. Keep an eye on your inner trichs on the highest buds. Mine went way over ripe. Lost a good 1/3 of the buds. Best bet is to chop her as soon as she's close to finished. You may also start to get bananas from the stress, seeds from the nanas, and foxtailing. Better to have a slightly underripe bud than something that's just no good.
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  10. Bro I'm a newb too. When I was worying about temps I made a few posts. Done everything I could to bring temps down (ideal flowering is 26 or below I believe) but it's not possible. I'll be flowering under 30c. I don't know how yours is set up, mine sucks from the filter through the light and out. But if you can set it to suck cold air through the light, like window - light - light - window will help. I was told that weed is good at adapting to its surroundings, so if it's always been hot it could be OK. The guy above seemes to have actual hands on experience with this so I don't know... If you can manage it 1200w gonna give you a lot of great bud, so I wish you the best of luck.
    Below is an insert from grow weed easy, it put my mind at abit more to ease but mine are still healthy looking. Hopefully you get some more responses quickly!

  11. And with the nitrogen I just mean it's normal to start yellowing near the end of flower. The nitrogen is used for veg growth but no they don't need any in flower, well at least after the stretch is done.
  12. Is there any possibility the plant could be starting to turn like this with it being near the end of its cycle? I have a read a few places that it is normal for the leaves to start to die off
  13. That's what I ment in the first post, they look beutifull! Lol. I'm still on my first go through too. But I've read a lot of journals, it's very normal for the leaves to discolour and die at the end. But you said this happens in a couple days? Like all green then bam?
    It's a tough call. You need some pros to pass by.
  14. yeah lol its drives you mental when something like this happens and you know all your hard work is hanging in mid air I have put them on flush and am gonna keep a close eye on buds then if anything starts to ruin them i can chop them hopefuly quick enough before whole crop is ruined.
  15. Maybe try reposting in the advanced thread. Needs must!
    I'll put your harvest in my prairs bro! Lol. Let me know how it turns out, good luck.
  16. haha thanks bud al post what happens in a few weeks best of luck with yours

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