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  1. Hey all... first hydro grow.. using bagseed.... recently ran outta of 3 part gh forcing the switch to peters 20/20/20.

    Some of the tips of my plants are burning which could indicate too many nutes..?(i dont have a ppm meter) Also, the top of the plant below is starting to wilt. It's stretching so much i've had to tie it over away from the light. Does this look like heat stress or something else? Comments welcomed, Thanks!



    url to all of the latest photos = http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i174/jrocky278/april8/
  2. Cut back on your nutes to much N and its being burnt by the light but besides that its looking mighty fine i must say mighty fine as they say here in the deep deep south...:D
  3. These plants look fine to me. I am not sure what you are talking about. I see some slight browning on the tips which might be heat stress. Do you have a fan on them and what is the temperature in there? I also see a little bit of leaf curling or cupping. Usually that is from some kind of water stress but, I see no indication of a nute problem unless the cupping is the start of it. Are any of your lower leaves starting to yellow? This is usually where the nute problem starts. I see one of your plants look pretty stretched however, being that it looks to me like you have a pure Sativa or sativa dominant, long internode length is common for the strain.
  4. ^^^^See the clawing of the leaves whats that show to you Smkinvtec????do a search for clawing..

    lower yellow leaves is usually a sign of N deficency usually in the late stage of flowering and the secret of growing well in hydro is keeping the ph in the right range then problems rarely surface..;)
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  5. Like I said, this plant looks fine. I did a GC search and found very little about clawing and nothing that was helpful. If you think the PH is not in check maybe he should check it. I see no mention of PH level in his above post and he has yet to respond to these pontificating conjectures.
  6. I am currently waiting on the arrival of a ph and ppm meter, so currently I can only speculate on these measurements

    I do have fans running 24/7. One 20 inch box fan exhausting heat off the top of the room, another blowing laterally across the 175 watt bulbs, and another bringing fresh air into the grow area. Temp. ranges from a min. of 69 degrees/29% humidity lights off, and a max. of 87degrees/57% humidity lights on. On average I'd say lights on temp. is about 80 degrees.

    As for the setup, I have included a link (below) to a basic diagram.

  7. Tds and ph meter have arrived!

    what is the best way to effectively lower the ph of my nutrient solution without adverse effects? i've been using some "PondCare phDown".. It's sulfuric acid based. At 10 bucks per 8 oz's it's basically worthless. Any suggestions?

    I read that a 50/50 mix of cool white and warm white flouros provide a broader spectrum than one or the other alone. Is this accurate? What about aquarium grow bulbs?

    Currently my ph is at 6.5 with ppm @ 520... Five weeks into flowering.

    new pix =
  8. pH and PPM are within normal range. You forgot to mention you're 5 weeks into flowering. Yellowing of the leaves is normal in late flowering. I think it's just a slight touch of heat combined with late stages of flowering. I would cool the plant more and not mess with it much.

    Also, check that airstone. Sometimes they get clogged with sediment or roots will block the air flow to the rest of the roots.
  9. Wait a minute. If this is a hydro grow than 6.5 ph is way to high. Hydro PH is best between 5.0-6.0 with 5.5 being optimal.

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