Heat Stress? (outdoors)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SMOKE O'PLENTY, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. So the weather has been 100+ for the last week or so. I was gone for 3 days and when I got back my plants that were in 3 gal pots were really drooping and looked like they were starting to shrivel up. I watered and then gave them some nutes. They came back to life but some of the leaves in the middle of the plants are turning yellow. Is this normal stress from the heat and from needing water or could this be something else?
    Sorry, I dont have any pictures.
  2. Yes it could be heat stress or wilting from lack of water.

    100+ here all last month.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Thankfully, there is a cooling trend coming after today. 100+ for a month? I guess I shouldnt have panicked. Its just that I've come so far to lose my plants now.
  4. Ya water everyday and use half strength on the nutes, Same as me i don't want to screw around with nutes and i just buy 10 gal jugs from the corner store lol. Heat will kill them in a day if the roots dry up fast.
  5. most plants dont turn yellow from heat alone,many countries where weed is grown have temps @ 100F the whole growing season

    I have 1 budding room heavily over powered with 3 / 1000w and the temps are 95-100F nitely in the summer time and I still bang out the buds consistently

    remove all the yellow leaves from the plant, if it continues its not the heat & you need to complete a soil PH runoff test

  6. No way. It would smell so bad and 1OO degrees inside? come on man..
  7. man you know everything:hello:

    why would it smell I have a sofisticated system with atmospheric controllers, dehumidifing & evacuating @ 1200CFM

    it is not the optimum temp naturally:rolleyes: 10-15F above optimum range wont cause the middle of the plant to turn yellow

    I dont believe heat is the cause of the yellowing in the middle of SMOKE O'PLENTY's plant which is my interest, not disputing every thing a member posts that you dont agree with
  8. 1O tO 15 off? Try 2O to 25.

    You're full of it GG. Heat will cause yellowing.

    You're grow specs are nosence.

    What if I got a sophisticated blah blah blah...BS.

    w/1OO degrees, a plant will NOT Bud! It will stress, strech, and produce nothing.

    Now that's my experience. I read tons of crap that don't work.

    What I type, I've had plants live through.

    What prey tell does yellow the center? again. loaded Q.

    I don't know everything GG, but it's painfully obvious You know nothing about weed. How old?
  9. yall shouldnt be dissin GG's advice, he knows his shit well, take his advise or dont say anything. & u should never water a plant w/ nutes when the soil in completly dry it can burn the roots.

  10. What nutes you using@? Mg sux.

    I let all plants dry out then hit them w/full on nutes. All 2OO+ say it's aok.
  11. I use Foxfarm nutrients. I watered them and waited a few minutes before watering them again with nutes. So far the plant is coming along nicely now. The other two plants that were wilting dont have any yellow leaves.
  12. Great to hear SmokeOPlenty.


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