heat stress or nute burn?

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  1. Green roots are fine. It looks like you have possible root rot, the peroxide should take care of that. Are you aerating your water?
  2. yes i have 2 small air stones in there. the water is about an inch below the bottom of the net pot, there is only about an inch of water in the resevoir total as it's just a 6 quart container.

    im concerned about the green roots because you said it's due to light exposure. they get very little intentional direct light exposure(maybe a few seconds a day) so if this is from exposure to light over time, there must be a problem still.. right?

    the lid of my resevoir is made of plastic. if i shine a flash light onto it, light will not hit my hand on the other side but i can tell light is hitting the plastic when i look at it. is this not opaque enough and could be causing the problem?
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    one thing I can note is that since I dropped the water level to only about an inch, i made a thread stating my concern about the bubbles not coming in any direct contact with the roots. all anyone responded to was "put the air stone on the bottom of the res so the bubbles go straight up" as i don't believe they realized i am using a micro grow.

    I can see a ripple across the entire surface of the water but often the air stones will be at the edges of the resevoir and the bubbles will stay on the sides.

    i never really saw any green in the water except what was coming off of the roots. you think this could be root rot and not algae? i thought I read somewhere that root rot smells like sewage?

    edit: im happy to take pictures if you want. i dont want my babies to die. im stressing out and losing sleep over this right now lol.
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    looking through the passive intake I can see just about every leaf on both plants drooping... which never occurred before. i hope this is a temporary symptom of the h2o2 flush...............
  5. Yes, Nute Stress
  6. leaves picked back up over night. the ph level has stopped dropping so I believe the algae growth has stopped.

    I wrote a strongly worded email to the retailer that I purchased my pc planter kit from, they advised a little bit of light will always get through the organic starter plug/hydroton area and that a small amount of algae is not the end of the world and to not kill it with attention.

    if i ignored this any longer hte algae would have been worse though, i noticed initial coloring of the roots 48 hours ago...

    gonna take some pics, does not look like there has been much new growth since that h2o2 flush 6+hrs ago. my confidence level is at zero.

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