Heat stress or nitogen?

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  1. Hey guys. I posted a couple of days ago about my 2 plants. I woke up this morning and they seem to be worse and not to sure on what it is. It's 8 ball kush planted in jacks magic soil I shall be repotting later and also adding perlite their growing under a 250watt cfl 3 inches away from the plant. Oscillating fan. Carbon filter and extractor. I was using bottled water but will be changing to tap just in case. Sorry for such a long message

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  2. Neither, looks like calcium, magnisum.. or ph fluctuations.
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  3. Don't worry about bottled water man... if your tap water is really shit either use RO water or by a RO system OR use a water filter then add calmag
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  4. So adding cal mag should be the solution and if not ph. Thanks for such a quick response
  5. It wasn't it was shit but I just got told bottled is best. But I used normal tap on my last grow and they was fine with it. So will go back to tap and add call mag
  6. Welcome man, yeah looks like the problem to me.. always make sure you check the PH of the run off. Meaning the water that comes out the bottom of the pot... there is a site where you can diagnose sick plants man. But that looks like the problem to me.. go to tap water.. add some calmag 1mil per litre and then test the PH beofre you Feed her.
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  7. awesome will do. Cal mag will be here by tomorrow so as soon as its here I will add some. Thanks for the info great help
  8. No problems man, I'm on first grow my self but after hours of reading and also encountering the same symptoms I am 90% sure it's that - but that's just by looking and providing all the temps and humidity are okay !
  9. Yeah all of them are fine. Just waiting on the cal mag now then I didn't think I would need it so early on as I used jacks magic on my last grow. But different strains of plants I guess
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