Heat stress or difficiency ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ann cabis, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Ho ho ho ,, merry Xmas :)

    Hello peeps , this is my 1st grow and am currently into week 6 of flowering 2 pot of gold ladies , I seem to be having a few things happening with my leaves an dont think it's normal , well am not sure really . Am getting a lot of leaves goin totally yellow , then shrivelling up and dropping off , an others where the ends have snapped off and generally feel a lot brittle an dry . I've got 2 600 watt lights which I've now raised as far as they will go , an the highest temp reading is 34'c and the lowest is 19'c ,, plzz any feed back would be appreciated ,, here are the pics

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  2. It looks like the fan leaves are yellowing and dying which is what they are supposed to be doing right about now. Plants are looking good!
  3. Ok that's good then cheers ,, I've been pulling a few of the yellow leafs off if they are blocking light from other bud sites . Is this ok or a no no , or should I just let them fall off them selfs .
  4. looks either normal or might be ur soil? either way looks good :cool:

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