Heat stress n gorilla glue

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  1. Hello gents

    I have some gg that I’ve ran several times. Never in the same exact environment or tent because I’ve been moving up n up since we went legal

    But I’m wk 9.2 (day 65) n I think I’m a solid 10 days out because of heat. N than still
    3 days in dark, no water dry out.

    Guys with real experience please lmk

    I’ve finished n cut this 3 times at day 60-62 w the dark dry out included

    worst part is my family owns a summer cottage and my kids love the water. My bro is getting married in a month.

    so I’ve had my buddy on it 2-2.5 days a week when I’m gone. He’s good but only a couple grows under his belt.

    I’ve had a good bit of heat stress because I only have a 5k btu ac

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  2. As I said of being gone, I’m busy every wkend til labor. Please help me time my cut.
  3. Sounds like you like me bro, Canada ?

    I have to AC cool my room that my 4x4 tent is inside of, during the day I crack my tent door open about 30% from the top side of the zipper, flapping it down. This keeps my tent around 82 during the day

    FYI- my lights come on at 5AM , I don’t have to open the tent door until around 8:30 - 9:00 - my tent room is always around 65 degrees / 40 % RH, added humidifier inside the 4x4 tent to get humidity steady at 45 - 50 % RH.

    In the winter this is much harder to control as my upper level duplex apartment is always hot, so I end up having to draw cold air IN from outside with a TEE outlet with indoor air + volume dampers to adjust cold air flow into the tent, once I find my proper air flow mixtures my tent is almost within reasonable temps

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  4. What is your temps? Lighting style and watts? And any other pertinent info you can think of that may give more info to help ya, what nutes are you feeding ?

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  5. Also I should mention just as my opinion, that bud doesn’t look like it’s 10 days from harvest IMO friend, I think you could still have at least 3 weeks left just by looking at the pistols, how do the trichomes look though?

    A lot of strains tend to fatten up ALOT in the last 3 weeks or so , really a shame when ppl pull early and could have still Max’d out their yields/ final weight !

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  6. Chicago

    lighting in tent
    1, 185w driver w 1qb96

    1, 185w driver w 3 qb 132 wired in series

    temps 78-87. Lights run 645pm to 645am

    so the coolest part of their day is 4-11am.

    Pic of ac setup. Garage semi insulated

    part of my issue is I’m going to have to dry here too

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