Heat Stress/Damage (1st Grow)

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  1. Hey everybody. I'm new here and a first time grower. I'm growing indoors in a grow tent with an LED light. Both of my plants recently look like they've shown signs of significant heat stress. I know why they have it. I noticed a couple of gnats on my plants the other day, so I place my dehumidifier in the tent to try and bring down the moisture level so it can dry out. This caused my tent to become very warm (my temp/humidity gauge said it was almost up to 90 degrees F last night). My plants are just over a month old. I know at this stage they like humidity around 55-60%. I was keeping it at that range with a room temp of around 70-75 degrees F until I noticed the gnats. Anyways, I'm trying to heal my babies and I'm really stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Your best bet is to increase airflow. Are you exhausting out of your tent? And do you have enough fans in there? Fans will decrease temps and humidity. 55-60% is fine as long as there is airflow you shouldn't have bug problems. Other than that it seems like you're having other issues with the lower leaves twisting and discoloring. Are you feeding them anything?

  3. I just have a little Honeywell fan in there. I should probably go pick up a carbon filter with an exhaust fan to increase airflow. I haven't fed them nutes yet because I planted them in Ocean Forest soil and they've been getting the nutrients they need from it in their early stage of life. I was going to start their feeding schedule this past week, but then the gnats showed up. So I didn't want to increase moisture in fear of letting the gnats thrive.
  4. A short temperature spike in the high 80s shouldn't have caused any problems .I agree with @capitolp there is something else at play
  5. Fungal gnats are an easy kill.
    Mosquito Dunks from any big box store. Rated for organic use. Crush a dunk and sprinkle the dust on the soil. Toss another dunk in your watering can. Works in 2 or 3 days. Lasts for a month.

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  6. Could it possibly be when I watered them with a gallon of water mixed with one drop of very potent PH up solution? Because I did do that
  7. My first thought when I looked at your pics was Ph lockout.
    So yes they could have a ph issue. You need to flush your medium with the correct ph
    If you don't know what it should be run down your whole grow what medium, containers, what nutrients are you using all of it and we'll get you straightened out
  8. That's an awesome tip
  9. Last week, I sprayed the top layer of the soil with some neem oil. I diluted 1/4 oz with 1 quart
    I have a Vivosun tent (I think 80" tall). 1000w KINGLED light. I've been using 10 gallon Smart pots(cloth) for both plants. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I also have a small but pretty powerful Honeywell fan oscillating constantly in the tent. I just placed a 3.5 gallon dehumidifier in there that seems to suck out a lot of moisture. My nutrients that I have are FF Grow Big, FF Big Bloom, and FF Tiger Bloom. I have not used any of those on my indoor plants yet. I also have a bag of Root Organics Elemental CalMag fertilizer that I have yet to use. And I've been watering with distilled water every other day until I ran into all of these issues at once. And then I did spray a neem oil solution on the top layer of the soil a few days go to help with the gnats and a small mold growth on the top layer of my soil. I diluted that at 1/4 oz per 1 quart.
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  10. I also have a Bluelab PH pen that I recently calibrated to start testing the PH. I added the drop of PH Up to my distilled water after testing the water at a level of 5.8. It brought it up to about 6.4 which I've read is an optimal level for cannabis.
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  11. Ok let's start with the fact I'm not a soil grower. But ff ocean forest should be able to buffer your water. That being said I still suspect ph issues. I think you should to do a slurry test of your soil make sure it's where it should be. That way you will get a better idea what's going on and my advice will not have killed your grow. Lol
  12. Haha thanks man. So how do I do a slurry test of the soil?
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  14. Yeah I guess I could've just Googled it lol. Thanks a bunch man. I'll let you know what I find out from it.
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  15. No problem I didn't read past the screenshot, I mainly couldn't remember the ratio of soil to distilled water.
    One of the reasons I like growing soiless is that at anytime I can flush and reset to a time when everything was working. just like your laptop
  16. Which blue lab model did you get?
  17. Not sure what model but here's the package.

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  18. @JoshuaE do you know if slurry tests are comparable to testing runoff? What's the difference? If I have time today I'll do both to a plant and compare results. I'm wondering if they are both viable ways to test soil ph.

  19. Alright. Here's the soil slurry test.

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  20. It tested at 5.7 just in case it's not visible in the picture. I did a ratio of 2:1 distilled water:soil

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