Heat stress, calcium defiency, Spider mites (or combination?)

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  1. Heat stress, calcium defiency, Spider mites (or combination?)

    Hey all,

    Tons of pictures :

    Plant 1 - A Plant 1 - B Plant 1 - C Plant 1 - D Plant 1 - E Plant 1 - F

    Plant 2 - A Plant 2 - B Plant 2 - C Plant 2 - D Plant 2 - E Plant 2 - F Plant 2 - G

    Well I saw a few white flies / spider mites the other day, around 2-3 of each. So I made up the organic spray from a post on these forums (red pepper, garlic, clove, etc). I srapyed it on it, not realizing I should also move up to 400 watt HPS and 250 MH bulbs. The next morning they looked pretty bad from heat stress.

    But they seemed to have gotten a little worse since then and I have moved the light up. After investigating, i read that the heat stress should be on the cloest leafs to the light, and as you can see on my pics that is not the case, you can see the problems on the lower leaves the worse. I am not sure now if it is just heat stress, or if is also a calcium defiency I have a problem with. I am running to kmart and purchasing some garden lime to spray on them to correct a calcium defiency.

    Two questions ) can I turn the light out (right now I am running a 24/0 schedule) for two hours or so after I srpray them, so they can dry / absorb it properly and not become more heat stressed.

    second ) will spraying this on the leaves, have any negative effect if it is not calcium defiency in the first place and just heat stress.

  2. Welll What I did :

    this board wasnt working yesterday so I went ahead, bought the garen lime and made up a gallon of it. I sprayed about 100 sprays on each plant completely soaking it, and poured the rest of the gallon of water / garden lime mix into the soil evenly of all 3 plants. I turned the light out for 3 hours so it could absorb the liquid without more heat stress.

    I am going to repeat this again tomorrow. Should I be doing this foil feeding more then one a day? I believe it is calcium defeincy as my plants growth has slowed down a little aswell since this problem started.
  3. Ok...do not turn off your lights...that can generate mold spores everywhere....thats what i was told...they dont need to absorb the spray for long...they take it in quicker then you would imagine....PUT A FAN ON AND POINT IT right above your plant kinda...towards the light...so you can move the hot air b4 it hits the plant...another thing is ...if you dont have a fan the light might not be too close ...it could just be from stale hot air also...no air movement...makes heat stress also.....Yes spray them everyday ...untill the problem goes away....like 3 times a day...untill it goes away...and do not turn off your light when spraying just turn off the fan so the spray will not hit the light and ruin it.....and yes for sure that is a calcium defincey for sure for sure.....so your on the right track...

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