Heat Stress, 35% dead

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sinori007, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Damn, about 35% of my sole living plant is dead due to heat/fert burn. I dont' have a digi cam so if there are any growers reading this, bear with me and help me grow some bud! I have been using a 1000 watt MH for like 2 months. I've seen many of my plants die (7) but luckily a skunk #1 has survived for sometime now, until..... I checked today. It's burnt, withered, and seemingly weak. It's about 8~9 inches tall and already FIMED. It burned pretty badly but I think it can still make it if I got the right tips etc so what shall I do? Should I just flower it and try to get what I can get out of it? Should I kick back on the lights and let it grow in some darkness to revive again? Should I just harvest the vegging plant right now and just make some tea? Shit, I am sooooo pissed and I need some serious HELP!!! Please reply guys and help out a crying grower. Thanx in advanced. Plant's under 1000 watts of MH about 4 feet away. It was DIRECTLY horizontal to the light though and NO freakin ventilation or fans whatsoever. I just moved the plants outside each day for about 4 hours to get the carbon dioxide and to allow my equipment to cool down, and to save some electrical costs. Oh the room is in a 5x5 grow room but I have this cheap ass MH 1000 watt light that I can't hang up on the roof. I have a cheap ass reflector that I somehow barely tied up. It's kinda hard to explain. It looks like a "hungry-man's growroom". Low-tech, ghetto, and bare minimum. I still want to revive that one plant that's living so REPLY PLEASE!!!
  2. Get a fan and ventilate, its your only solution.
  3. Damn, I was forced to harvest since most of the leaves were brittle and burned to the extreme. Now, I just want to know if it's still possible to make tea out of it. I just tried using some of the dry leaves but it smells like some Chinese Herbal Medicine (shit). Some of the undamaged leaves are still alive and I want to know if I can make tea using the leaves of plants that died due to heat stress and fert burn, and mayb over ferting. Please reply. I don't want to die drinking it. I must grow some bud b4 I die.
  4. I feel bad man.. but your screwed. Leaves are pointless to smoke/cook/anything unless they are on the tips with the bud. Did you get any bud off your plant? It sounds like that shit was pretty much baked. By the way, THC isn't absorbed into hot water, so you really cant make tea. Just start it up again, don't overfert and get an HPS for flowering.

    I doubt heat was a prob, unless it was just baking in your grow area.
  5. Yeah, Thanx Sohigh if I spelled it right --a I guess im just not good in growing. That was my 7th plant damn!
  6. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.....better luck next time....peace

  7. How big a pots were you using? Sounds like the plants got root bound and locked out everything. If that was the case you could have just transplanted them and they would have been fine in a couple days. You would have still lost the leaves, but you would have had new growth.

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