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  1. Just purchased 250 mh hps light was a little curious on how hard heat was going to be to control in an area 4x2x3h was also thinking of salvaging a few 65w cfls for side lighting and also is 4100k color temp good for mh? It goes against what I've read but whatever if it works.
  2. what goes against what youve read? in a 3 foot tall box i think height will be more of an issue than heat but one 240 cfm duct fan should do for exhaust with passive intake and a circulation fan going. 2 of those duct fans would definately do the trick for you. do you wish to elaborate more on this 3" tall grow box your planning?
  3. Well its a dresser that I've ripped the drawer backs from and sealed air tight working out the ventilation but its an issue I will need help planning never done a small box before
  4. ive only ever vegged in a space that small. i can try to help but ill need some more info.
    1. what growing media will you be using? i.e. coco, soil, hydro, other soilless mix

    2.what size pots or containers will you be using?

    3. what kind of reflector will you be using? air cooled or air coolable?

    4.is the ballast attached to the reflector? if it is this will create mor heat in your cab upping your venting requirements a little bit.

    5. how will you exhaust? the cab? ie passive or active intake and exhaust, any carbon scrubbers, lengths of ducting ect.

    6.should have put this first on the list.what kind of growing method will you use? i.e. sog,scrog,lst,fimming,topping,supercropping,ect.

    if you havent already purchased fans id go to lowes and pick up a 240 cfm inline duct fan for around 30$ (2 if u have the money) and a small clip oscilating fan for circulation. as long as it isnt too warm and/or humid where you live that should do the trick for you. the biggest problem i can see with the low box is keeping your light a safe distance from plant tops durring the stretch and flowering and keeping your canopy cool.
  5. Remote ballast air cooled hood I can make it taller if needed 1.5gal pots soil and supercropping
  6. do you have any other questions about your setup?
  7. Yeah I'm not sure of the power of my fan but its an old furnace blower fan from a tobacco barn about 10x10in square with a small 4x4in blower shoot. It seems to blow a good bit of air but I wonder if that and a small 6in diameter clip on fan will be enough air movement to keep it cool
  8. subbed. I'm making one of these too, just waiting for my light to come back hopefully this week.
  9. the 6" fans im talking about arent clip on but if you dont have a scrubber id put one of those on the hood and cool your bulb with the room exhaust killing 2 birds with one stone. id think about either implementing a scrog tecnique or raising the top of the box a bit. im just worried about plants hitting the lights durring thier stretch after the flip but if you scrogged you could just pull your tops back through the screen when they try to take off making even more bud sites.
  10. sorry if that doesnt make enought sense im pretty baked right now ill be around tho to clarify
  11. I'm quite new to plant training I have two seedlings that I've just tied down for the first time looking forward to experimenting with diff training I swapped my idea and gutted a computer hutch for my grow waiting on 250w hps mh to come in right now running on 260w of cfls I have before and after pics of closet
  12. Will it be good to still use my 65w cfls for side light?
  13. [​IMG] before. I didn't get a pic before I ripped shelves and drawers and sliding panels out. Painted white and weather stripped doorseals not going to set up ventilation ducts till hps comes in so I can tell where its really needed. At over 5ft will height be of any concern and or heat? And any tips? I have a carbon filter and flex ducting waiting to be put in
  14. i can draw up a couple lighting and exhaust diagrams for you later on today. im off to lowes now to pick up a few fittings. ill help you with setup all the waythrough though if youd like i love this stuff. think about exhausting your room through your hood and ducting in a high corner and a passive intake down low if your not going to get another fan or even if you are. you can def. make five feet work especially if the hoods air cooled. side lighting will be good as long as heat is still managable. how often do you water and whats your water and soil ph? those plants look a little drooppy and curled some possible problems there. sorry gotta run ill be back later with more
  15. sorry that was just a quick high assed sketch hope it can be of some help but id add that little clip fan for circulation somewhere in there. im thinking a small duct fan will be needed but you can get one made by suncourt at lowes or home depot for 30$ for the 6" and like 25$ for the 4" ones. 6" moves 240 cfm and 4" only moves 80 cfm so if u have 4 inch flanges on your hood you might need several 4 inch fans or just one more powerful one. 6" will save u money in long run though. if you cant afford another fan at all move the blower inside the tent and leave that hole open for intake. then just hook the blower end up to your hood with ducting and duct out the back of the hood out of the box to the filter. let me know if i need to clarify anything or you have any more questions
  16. Very nice. I just rigged a blower fan up with a flex duct pics on the way heat mantains at about 78 at the moment but I'm concerned with the hps mh how that's gonna rise. I water whenever the soil seems dry one of my plants is stumped its a hashplant haze about 10in tall almost ready for the chop lj is around 6.2 ish (using strips) I normally water every 3 days about with fox farm trio 3tbsp big bloom 2 tiger bloom
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    Came from a tobacco barn a very strong fan idk the ratings on it
    Also the carbon filter I made fits into the end of the flex duct perfectly
    What would be the best use for this? Currently I just have it pulling air from the warm bottom to the cooler top

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