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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BIGfugginRED, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. here's the deal. first grow- 3 seedlings- i compact flouro and one tube flouro. I know i need more lights, im workin on it. I got everything in this Rubbermaid tub like thing. its about 2.5ft x 1.5ft and a good 2 feet deep. I got it in a closet, and besides needing new lighting im worried about my ventilation, cuz i usually have to keep it shut most of the day, except when i check on em or for an hour or so at night. It also gets pretty warm in there with the lid on, so i've been laying it on top kinda sideways for some ventilation.

    The plants had not changed in a couple days, BUT last night i forgot to close the door and this morning i see noticeable difference. Could proper ventilation or heat release be a solution? Big thanks in advance to any help... y'all be safe
  2. Yeah you could do with a way to extract the old used air and a fan bringing in nice fresh air in. The plants have to rely on the person growing them, Its not as if they can just open door for them self lol, Thats the way i look at it anyway.
  3. good ol' dutchie! always there to help me out. i really do appreciate that shit more than you know man. but hey, if i were to use those computer fans- do i have to have two? like one pushin air out, one pullin air in?

    what about squirrel fans? could i get one of those and put a bunch of holes in my box? thanks again man...
  4. You would be better off having two fans, But you might get away with one.

    what about squirrel fans? could i get one of those and put a bunch of holes in my box? thanks again man...

    Yeah that sounds like it would work, Not 100% sure tho
  5. Hi all...

    I use a kichen / bathroom extractor fan for the purpose of exhaust, it works quite well. I have used 2 * computer fans before in my setup, but found them to be useless, I currently have three fans in my setup on low, positioned at the bottom, between the light and plant and one at the top, I also make sure i open the door a little so there is constent fresh air going in, its worked for me so it could help you. I must say though that i have a 400watt hps and 3 * 40 watt fluro in there so i think i do well to keep the temp at its optimum leval.
  6. thanks everybody, i'll see what i can do

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