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  1. I have a small cab I recently built, 1 foot wide by 1.5 deep and 3.5 ft tall. At the moment I just have a 4 inch desk fan in it, but i still need to invest in pc fans for my intake/exhaust. I checked my max temp this mornin and saw 110 F :eek: Will this be detrimental to my girl if shes in that heat for a few days? (until my fans are delivered)
  2. What kind of light do you have?
    Without intake/exhaust that 110 F is very inaccurate. Once you get that in do the test and remember the temp will be 5-10 degrees higher once the plants are in. You want the temp to be between 70-80 degrees in my opinion. 85 is pushing it but its fine but 90 is too hot. If the temp is high, I'd recommend putting a fan on the outside to blow cool air toward the intake. try to keep the door to the room or a window(possibly dangerous) open to circulate the air more efficiently. Try to keep your house AC around 70. With your 4" fan aim it up and try to put it by the intake in the inside of the box. Also you may need to get another 4" fan if the heat doesn't cooperate. If you still have heat trouble after that, let me know what you do to cool it cause this is the only way I know.

    PS with your 4" fan, put it on high and it will produce good air movement for your plants to flutter freely.

  3. I think 65 is pretty low, and unless you live in a cold climate you'd spend a lot on a/c to get it down there. I recommend 75-82
  4. Put most if not all of your fans as exhuast to get the heat out. As negative pressure is created in the box air will naturally intake through your intake openings
  5. Either that or you can put an intake right on the light to immediately cool the area before heat its if your temps are high and a concern.

    A fan driven CFM on the light will cool it quicker and just a higher negative pressure flow.

    However, if CO2 is a concern I would go with 2 exhaust and just use a higher negative pressure getting fresh air in there.

    Good luck!

  6. 60-70 is perfect, I just draw air from outside to achieve this goal. Growing up in washington I realized that 50 degree weather works quite well too. However 60-70 is prime, 80+ is too hot. Keep your temps stable
  7. am i the only one who really doesn't understand this?

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