Heat Probs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gettinkrunkd, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. hey i got a 3x3x7 grow tent from htg supply. I got a 400w hps system in it. i got 2 500 cfm inline duct fans and 2 fans on high, yet I cannot get my temps under 100 in their.........i got no idea else what to do, as theirs only 2 vents in it, so i cannt add another vent fan. Ideas please, any help is greatly appreciated. Ive been postponing my next grow cause i dont wanna start it to kill them a week or two into it due to heat probs.
  2. cut a whole towards the bottom for an intake fan, then cut a whole at the top for an exhaust fan. 3 500cfm should be plenty. also, if this is in a room get an air conditioner hooked up so you can drastically lower the temps. good luck man, im trying to do the same thing as you!!! o where did you get the tent thing?:smoking:
  3. most of my equiptment is from htgsupply. my tent and fans are from their. good people good service bro. Very good prices....

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