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Heat Problems!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Elvis, May 26, 2003.

  1. I have 8 1000w lights in two rooms seperated by a open door
    The first room is 14x14 with 6 lights and a 8inch intake. The second room has 2 lights and a 6inch intake and a 12inch exhaust. With all 8 lights on we reach up to 110F. We went and bought a Air Conditioner that will do 800 sq feet that is in the small room and has a 20inch square fan blowing the AC into the big room. Still heat is to high 90's. We turned off 4 lights and now the temp is at 75F. What do we do next. Do the ballasts in the rooms create that much heat??? Will it work if we have one light on each table for 6hrs and then have a timer shut though 4 off and the other 4 on for 6hrs??? How good do light movers work so we can use only 4 lights. Should we goto air-cooled reflectors??? Help!!!!
  2. Power usage isn't really a issue, my bill is about $350 more every 2 month, I can't use anything water cooled cause I run off of well water. I use tables instead of pots, 50 plants per table. I will be buying a power saver box called the Eliminator that is garenteed to save 20% off the power bill or it's money back.

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