Heat Problems with my LED!!!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by burning_slow, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. I have a Solar storm 880. I'm on my 3rd grow. All of my grows turned out great but I had to be extra careful due to the high heat build up that reaches up to 95 degrees!!! I have to leave the tent opened to lower the tent temperature. I must admit I don't have any type of fan or exaust system. Do any one the that is the problem . I'm asking because I don't want to spend unnecessary money.
  2. You should always keep good strong air movement around your plants regardless of what kind of lighting you're using or it's strength and heat production. LED's tend to burn hotter to plants than other forms of lighting, so you have to hang them high and then gradually lower them to a safe distance from the plants. If your tent is getting up to the 95 degree mark, your plants are going to really be negatively affected by it. You've either got to come up with a bigger grow space or break down and put in an in line fan and some duct work to pull the heat out of the tent. Since you say you're leaving the tent open to lower the temp inside, I'm assuming you're in the veg stage. When you go into flower, assuming you're planning to use the same light, you can't open the tent to help your heat situation. You can't have light fluctuations while plants are flowering...as you well know. But any time you're growing in a confined space, heat is your biggest problem...regardless of the type of lighting you're using. I would get me a really good strong fan and put it in the tent blowing around my plants. Don't point a fan straight at them because they don't like that. Just put a strong fan in there and have it move the plants around. This works as sort of a strengthener for your plants as well as dispersing heat from around your plants. But you've GOT to get your temps down in there. Get the environment right and watch how pretty your plants get. TWW
  3. Thanks for the advice bud! I'm planning on getting a inline fan today. I'll keep u posted on how well that works out. Hopefully I'll be able to help my situation.
  4. You need an exhaust for proper air exchange so there's a fresh supply of co2 not just removing warm air. Even with temps under control you need a proper exhaust set up.
  5. Thanks I will put into consideration
  6. Not much to consider bro. If you want your plants to grow to potential proper air exchange isn't an option.
  7. Ventech 6in fan and filter combo $189 on Amazon.... Just save money, get the proper equipment and be amazed at the light. I'm very happy with California light works
  8. Yes! Believe me I love the light. I've had 2 successful grows with auto flowers I just would like to do much better and not have to deal with the hight heat. I may order this product btw. Also in your opinion, does your inline fan help your tents temp?
  9. Yea it really does help, only thing is I wish I got a higher rated CFM fan, it's ok to get a stronger fan and get a fan speed controller so you can have it operating at a lower speed
  10. OK great so this may just solve my issue. My set up is in my bedroom in my closet. Is inline fan loud at all? Also do u grow hydro or potted?
  11. If you get a stronger fan with a controller you can dial it down to lower the noise... It sounds like white noise most of the time.
  12. I'm in coco in a smart pot
  13. OK great!
  14. Kool I've been doing coco in regular pots and been getting great results. Although I was told by the hydroponic store owner I could get better and faster results with hydro wich is a huge plus! So my next run would be a DIY bubbleponics set up. I just hope it works ant won't be a waiste of time.

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