Heat Problems, tried everything.... HELP!!

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  1. Hello to all farmers, got my setup with all the "right" equipment but still cant get temps down from 83-84 farenheit. Im in day 2 of flower and since i changed from MH to HPS now the heat is a BIG issue.....
    I have 2 - 600w BLOCKBUSTER 8 INCH AIR COOLED REFLECTORS, 8' CAN FAN (675CFM), 8' PHRESH CARBON FILTER, PORTABLE A/C UNIT 8,000 BTU (inside tent)., also a normal 30w fan moving air from a bottom corner inside of the tent.......

    My tent size is 6.5x6.5x6.5 ft, both my exhaust(scrubber) and portable a/c exhaust are going to outside.
    I put a dimmer to the 8' Can Fan so that the cool air from the a/c could have enought time to drop the temp a bit more since at full power it just gets exhausted.....Putting the exhaust to work at 50-75% I drop a couple degrees and get it to 84 degrees.....Im starting to think that this is the temp im gonna have to work with at the best......I still have 1 or 2 months of summer around this parts............so if anybody could share some insight i will be very greatfull!!!
    All i can think now is to put another fan inside the tent, and keep the exhaust working at 50%, change the position of the portabe a/c (limited due to exhaust)....
    THANKS IN ADvance:metal:
  2. use 2 fans, one to exhaust the hood and one to cool the tent.
  3. If you can keep temperature on 84F they will be totally fine....
  4. im running my temps at 85 and everything is fine. and i have 2x 1000w in a 8x4x7 tent. if your real worried just run co2.
  5. Hello thanks for all the responses, if you guys say it fine at those temps then all good, I really go for top quality(100% organic) today I decided to hang the fan so that there is some more air movement directly to where the ladies are (and under reflectors) and playing with the dimmer to see how low I can get the temp to, so far i manage to get it down to 78.8 (26 celcius) but with the exhaust at the minimum probably 10 or 15%, I dont know if im gonna be able to keep it that low since the humidity right now with lights on is 60% and off 84% (we almost breathe water here 88% humidity in summer (today) and up to 96% in winter!!) So when buds start forming im gonna just have to start using all my CFM's, we dont want that powdery mildew anywhere to be seen, and I think that even with lights off im gonna have to have 2 fans inside (have to add one) and exhaust turned on all the time, il just have to see!!!
    Thanks to all and if anybody has any insight with this type of issues all input is appreciated & and will be put to good use.
    Il try to post a lil pic as well.

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